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Adaptive Leadership
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Ed Massey, Immediate Past President of National School Board Association

Ed Massey, Immediate Past President of National School Board Association (NSBA)

The challenges of leading a school or district are vast and ever changing. Within the past five years, the rise of Common Core State Standards, BYOD initiatives, digital textbooks, and a focus on STEM, add complexity and additional demands upon us. All the while, budgets and resources at our disposal continue to decrease.  As leaders, how do we adapt to the myriad of changes and still be an effective leader? Ed Massey will explore these challenges and many others as he engages us on what adaptive leadership means to him and how we can foster it within our schools.

Making the Digital Conversion
Monday, February 17th, 7:00PM ET

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Karen WoodwardDr. Greg Firn

Dr. Karen Woodward, Superintendent, Lexington School District 1, SC and a finalist for AASA's Women in School Leadership Award

Dr. Greg Firn, Deputy Superintendent of Academics, Grand Prairie ISD, TX

It is not about the technology! Rather, successful digital conversions start by charting a path to improve the underlying learning environment. An intentional, systematic approach ultimately drives success. Learn the first critical steps necessary to catalyze change and maintain the momentum of your initiative.
Preparing Your Staff and Students for the Common Core
Wednesday, March 12th, 7:00PM ET

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Sheila HydeDr. Karen Beerer

Sheila Hyde, Director of Professional Learning, Albuquerque Public Schools, NM

Dr. Karen Beerer, Vice President of Professional Development, Discovery Education, MD

Everyone knows what the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are, but few truly understand what it looks like instructionally. Sheila and Karen will provide you with practical tools you can bring back to your classroom teachers to help enhance instructional practices around CCSS.

Telling Your District Story
Wednesday, April 9th, 7:00PM

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Joe Mazza, Ed.D.Steve Dembo

Joe Mazza, Ed.D., Lead Learner at Knapp Elementary School in Lansdale, PA, and NAESP Conference Presenter

Steve Dembo, Director of Social Media Strategy and Online Community, Discovery Education, MD

The media is great at telling a story they find compelling, but that story may not paint the complete picture. How do you frame and influence your district’s story so it impacts the way it is portrayed? Learn how to take control of your district’s story and share the positive events taking place every day in your schools.

Engaging Learners Through Inquiry and STEM
Thursday, May 15th, 7:00PM ET

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Tony SinanisDr. Cindy Moss

Tony Sinanis, Lead Learner of Cantiague Elementary School, NY, and NAESP Conference Presenter

Dr. Cindy Moss, Director of Global STEM Initiatives, Discovery Education, MD

Student exploration of concepts and discovery of answers for themselves have been the core of educational theory for centuries, but in today’s era of accountability and mandated testing how is that possible? Panelists will demonstrate that this concept is key to meeting accountability requirements. Learn practical teaching examples and how this model can be implemented across the curriculum to enhance student engagement and academic success.


About the Series

Leadership@Now hangouts provide an opportunity for you to interact with leaders who are thinking deeply about hot topics within education. Learn from their experiences. Explore:
  • Effective and adaptive leadership
  • Emerging technologies
  • Instructional techniques
  • Planning for change
  • Impactful communication
This monthly series will leverage exciting technologies including Google Hangouts and Edmodo’s social learning platform to provide you real-world experience with these services as you interact with leaders making a difference in their districts and schools.