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Take Stock in Your Future

Your All-Access Pass to Financial Literacy

New York Stock Exchange Euronext and Discovery Education salute your continued efforts to support financial literacy in the classroom. The learning tools you’ll find here are designed to provide opportunities to engage students and initiate dialogue and inquiry.  

Please continue to watch this site for additional financial literacy tools that will further engage your students in this important topic.

Video to Extend Classroom Learning

  • Meet the CEO Meet Duncan Niederaurer, CEO of NYSE Euronext, as he welcomes students to Wall Street.
  • NYSE Euronext: A Look InsideTake a quick peak inside the world?s largest Exchange to hear from representatives of well-known corporations — and see some famous faces — sharing their experience as members of the NYSE Euronext
  • New York Stock Exchange Floor Tour An unprecedented guided tour of the world's largest marketplace. Students travel to the frontlines of finance to experience what it’s like to work on the Floor, while learning about IPOs, the technology used to monitor and affect market activity, and much more.

New York Stock Exchange Facade

Post Webinar Activity

These activities are intended for educators who participated in the Take Stock in Your Future Virtual Field Trip and are designed to help students extend their learning following the webinar experience. Focus areas include personal financial health; investment strategies; stock tracking, and stock market terminology. The contents of this guide are intended for grade levels 6-12 and may be modified to address the specific needs of each audience.

Download a NYSE Discussion Guide