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Concurrent Sessions

Digital Storytelling

Use writing and the tools and skills of 21st century learners to share compelling narratives and information in a variety of formats. Integrate images, narration, and sound to build authentic stories from students. Using a variety of formats that students already understand, learn to blend curriculum objectives with first person experience. From personal stories to commercials and movie trailers, let your students' voices be heard.

Guerilla Graphics

Tap the Web, your own software, and some surprising free applications to create graphics (and sounds) for your presentations, movies and websites. Make the most of software you own but don't think you are limited to the programs on your computer. See what’s available on the Internet to edit video and photos, and to find and create graphics and sounds. Maximize the media impact in everything your students do with tools you didn’t know you had!

Holy Toledo! or How this Millennium is Starting out Exactly like the Last One (Give or Take a Century)

Being part of the "Millennial" generation and the Information/Technology Age is nothing new. It happened before, in the few hundred years surrounding the beginning of the last millennium. This difference now is that our society and educational community are going through that same information upheaval in less than a generation. From the Moors' invasion of Spain to the printing press to Web 2.0, let history help you steer where we might be going.

Makin' Movies

The American Film Institute has released its K-12 Screen Ed curriculum as the video program "Lights! Camera! Education!" available through Discovery Education Streaming. Learn from a twelve-year audiovideo K-12 veteran how to use the AFI’s years of experience working with students to integrate movie making into creative collaboration for all grade levels in any subject. The skills acquired transfer to project-based learning, collaborative learning, and 21st Century skills.
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