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Lights! Camera! Education!

Become a film maker for a day and add that skill to your teaching toolkit. Learn how to make standards based videos using the American Film Institute's "Lights! Camera! Education!" curriculum based on years of experience with their K-12 Screen Ed program. Learn to brainstorm, write, film, and edit a polished video that can be applied to any subject at any grade level. Leave with access to media that builds on what you have learned. The skills acquired transfer to project-based learning, collaborative learning, and 21st Century skills.  The path to mastery is just a workshop away.

Media Mania

How do you assign, manage and share projects in a world gone digital? Get a hands-on experience with software, video and photography, storage, and sharing it all via fixed media and the Internet. All platforms and all skill levels can build meaningful media using desktop technology. From free material to great for-fee sites, learn how the student passion for media can be put to work in a classroom.
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