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It used to be that buying school supplies was a quick trip to the drug store for new crayons, pencils, erasers, notebooks and a few other things on the list handed out the first day of school. Not so any more. Like everything else, school supplies have had a way of taking on a life of their own. It's big business, and retailers seem to get on the bandwagon earlier and earlier each year.

Walk into any office supply or big box store practically days after school has let out and you'll see fresh displays of supplies for the new school year.

Schools are asking children to provide more and more supplies than ever. The trend to have students provide shared or community supplies has become very common in recent years. These include non-traditional items such as tissues, hand sanitizers and zippered storage bags.

Here are the most common supplies you'll need in your classroom with some added for fun! Many students will be expected to buy, others you'll need to have on hand in the classroom and may be supplied by your school.

School Supplies A-Z

Apple for the teacher
Ballpoint pens
Construction Paper
Divider tabs
Flash cards
Elmer's™ Glue
Hand sanitizer
Index cards
Journal, Juice
Kleenex or other brand of tissues
Lunch box
Mechanical pencils
Oil pastels
Pocket folders
Quality Art Supplies
Three ring notebook
Umbrella or raincoat
Very colorful crayons
Washable markers
Xtra change of clothes
Yellow highlighters
Zipper storage bags

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