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Free 6-8 Teacher Resources



Underground turbulence

Q: How many geothermal features does Yellowstone have?
A: Yellowstone's 300 geysers make up two thirds of those found on earth.   


number and math play


Q: Janice has $2.46 worth of coins in her pocket. The coins are of four different denominations, and she has the same number of each denomination. What are the four denominations, and how many of each does she have?

word scramble


Capture your students attention and get them ready to learn with these worksheets. Try this word scramble on types of fruit at the beginning of a class session as a warm-up.


Lesson Plans

How Dirt Works

Students will:

  • Learn about the value of soil as a natural resource.
  • Learn why it is important to monitor and maintain the health of soil.
  • Hear from Sophie Parker, soil ecologist for The Nature Conservancy.
  • Explore strategies used to improve and maintain the health of soil.

Computer Technology

Students will:

  • Inventions can change the way we live
  • Many inventions start out with design flaws and are refined later by subsequent inventors and designers
  • The computer, invented in 1834 by Charles Babbage and still being refined, is an example of such an invention

Comparing Sparta and Athens

Students will understand the following:

  • The differences between totalitarianism and democracy
  • The historical roots of the democratic tradition

Understanding Probability

Students will:

  • Learn what probability is
  • Learn different ways to express probability numerically: as a ratio, a decimal, and a percentage
  • Learn how to solve problems based on probability

Lord of the Flies

Students will understand the following:

  • On a literal level, Lord of the Flies deals with what happens to a group of boys stranded on an island with no adult supervision
  • On a symbolic level, Lord of the Flies investigates what happens to civilized people when the structures of civilization disappear