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The Top Five Cookies In America

Do you love cookies? Who doesn't? Cookies are basically the greatest food on earth. There are so many cookies -- too many to count. Many, many, many cookies. Cookies are great. They are amazing. All sorts of cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. Peanut Butter cookies. This is really just some random text about cookies which suits the page better than greek and so I will continue to profess my love for cookies. They are pretty great. In fact, so great, that I have decided to rank my top five favorite cookies in America. Here they are:

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Levain Bakery Cookie

Levain Bakery cookies are huge. Each cookies weights about one ton and costs a whopping $4.00. There is nothing crazy going on here, just basic cookie ingredients baked to perfection. If you enjoy your cookies soft on the outside and gooey -- perhaps even slightly undercooked, on the inside -- these will tickle your fancy. Better not eat more than one though, as my best estimate puts each cookie at nearly 600 calories.

Buchon Bakery TKO

Buchon TKO Cookie

Who doesn't love an Oreo? How about a homemade Oreao? Now we're talking. You won't be dunking these bad boys in the dark. Nope, you'll want to make sure people see these things. WARNING: Watch for falling drool.

Berger Original Chocolate Tops

Berger Chocolate Tops

Not the packaged Berger cookies from Royal Farms. These treats are sold at Lexington Market in Baltimore, straight from the bakers. Soft shortbread with a pinwheel of light chocolate fudge swirled on top, about two inches thick. You'll want about ten of these, and then you'll hate yourself.

Tates Crispy Cookies

Tates Cookies

Sure, they're store bought. So sue me. They're amazing. Basically, they are butter. With some chocolate chips and cookie batter mixed in.

Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip

Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie

Everybody's talking about the famous chocolatier's foray into cookie land and these little guys have landed themselves on the top of many a food critic's list of top cookies in New York.