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Assessment for Instruction and Learning

At Discovery Education we believe that integrating assessment into instruction and learning is critical for student success. Teachers are constantly embedding assessment opportunities into their classrooms every day, and we want to provide the same opportunities within our services.

We have a number of formal and informal assessment opportunities already built into our services and we will be expanding these offerings through 2015.

Discovery Education Assessment

Embedded Formal and Informal Assessment

Instructionally Useful Technology

Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) have become increasingly important with the introduction of new PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments. These Items have a place in the summative assessments, but can also be beneficial when embedded within instruction and learning with key instructional features. They allow students to receive feedback during learning and allow us to capture digitally what students do well, and just as importantly, not well, throughout the instructional cycle. With that information the teacher can decide what's next for instruction: do I need to go back to remediate or go forward because students are ready to move on?

We have developed multiple Technology Enhanced Item types with three distinct features: an evidence statement, instructional feedback, and scoring expectations. Explore examples of our TEIs (Discovery Education login required).

Blend Informal Assessments with Content

All of our services contain tools to help teachers inform their instruction such as the Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder, and Writing Prompt Builder. Combining these informal assessments with Discovery Education's high-quality content provides teachers with a way to provide purposeful assessments and content to move them to the next level.

Let Data Tell the Story

Our Math Techbook contains a Teacher Learning Dashboard, where the teacher can quickly and easily view all of the information entered and submitted by students as they progress through the course. The dashboard helps the teacher to quickly see where students are in their understanding and answer questions such as: How is my class doing overall? Do I see a pattern of misconceptions and mistakes? What do they need next?

Put Students in the Drivers Seat

Research has shown when students self-assess and reflect on their learning they are more engaged and do better. Board Builder challenges students to be content producers as they respond to a problem by synthesizing information and creating multimedia "posters". These online posters provide evidence of their thinking and enable teachers to see and assess a student's understanding of the problem.

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Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs)

Explore examples of our TEIs (Discovery Education login required).

TEI Samples

Evaluate Leadership Effectiveness

Discovery Education VAL-ED

The Discovery Education VAL-ED program, developed in partnership with Vanderbilt University, is a research-based evaluation tool that measures the effectiveness of school leaders. Focusing on learning-centered leadership behaviors that influence teachers, staff, and most importantly, student achievement, Val-Ed is a 360° assessment intended to be taken by not only the principal but also teachers and the principal's supervisor.

Explore VAL-ED

Find out more about Discovery Education VAL-ED.

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