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The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is a global community of district leaders, principals, and teachers passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. The DEN connects members and their ideas through social media, blogs, in-person events, and virtual conferences.


Researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education reviewed the Discovery Educator Network to determine how the DEN has impacted educators’ professional development and their use of technology in their work.

Their research demonstrates
that connecting educators to their most valuable resource — each other — has a true impact on the quality and efficacy of their teaching.

  • 90% of respondents in the study indicated that participation in the DEN has tremendously or very much supported their professional growth.
  • 97% of respondents indicated that the DEN improved and increased their use of technology.
Learn more about the integration of curriculum and digital media to support your educators through a variety of events, communications, and resources designed specifically for building principals.


Leadership@Now Events
  • A series of virtual events that discuss trending topics in education and highlight best practice of principals from around the globe.
DENSI Principal Summit
  • Gather face-to-face with principals from across the globe for a three day professional learning and networking experience. Share best practices and take back resources, ideas, and strategies to share with your educators.

Leadership Academies
  • Learn from experts in the field on the trending topics like rigor and relevance, Common Core, leadership, STEM, and the digital transition.

  • A bi-weekly update sent to building principals that includes upcoming events, resources to share with teachers, educational articles, and principal spotlights.  To receive these emails directly, please complete this form.
  • A weekly update capturing highlights of educationally trending artciles from across various publishers.
  • On-going publications specific to principals needs including principal spotlights.
  • Join the conversations every Thursday at 7pm EST on Twitter and hear how adminstrators and educators are responding to the requirements of today's learning environments. 

Supporting Programs and Resources for your Teachers

DEN Ambassador
  • A series of 3 professional learning and networking experience, designed for participants to learn about the digital resources available in Discovery Education, share best practice, build and foster a PLN.

  • Regional conferences that allow participants to attend 45-60 minute sessions about digital integration, share strategies, and foster community.

Virtual Conference
  • Professional development event for educators to learn the most effective ways to integrate digital media into their instructional practices from their global community members. This is a blended learning environment, allowing participants to log in from their home or join face-to-face at in-person events around the globe.

SOS: Spotlight on Strategies
  • Simple and effiective pedagocially based integration strategies for using digital media throughout your curriculum.
  • Download all  SOS strategies here.

Digital Challenge Boards
  • Packaged and organized resources for you to utilize during staff development on ways to get started with Discovery Education


Join Us for an Event
Get Active All Year Long
The DEN community is one where anyone can become as much a part of it as they choose. I became a DEN STAR last year. I signed up to be on the DEN Leadership council as part of the blog team. This is why I love the DEN. Anyone can become a member of the community and be welcomed with open arms. If you have thought about it but just have not dived in take this as your personal invitation to join us. The more people we have in our network the stronger we are.

Tom McLaughlin

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