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The DEN is a Professional Learning Network (PLN) where educators create connections and develop a network to grow and learn.

The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. The DEN connects educators and their ideas through social media, blogs, in-person events, and virtual conferences.

Researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education reviewed the Discovery Educator Network to determine how the DEN has impacted educators’ professional development and their use of technology in their work.

Their research demonstrates
that connecting educators to their most valuable resource — each other — has a true impact on the quality and efficacy of their teaching.

  • 90% of respondents in the study indicated that participation in the DEN has tremendously or very much supported their professional growth.
  • 97% of respondents indicated that the DEN improved and increased their use of technology.

If the educators in your school/district are passionate about transforming learning experiences with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking, encourage them to take the next step in the DEN. Share with them how easy it is to become a STAR Discovery Educator. Just remember STAR:

S – Share something you've learned  about using Discovery Education resources with
your colleagues

T – Teach your colleagues about this idea or strategy

A – Assist your colleagues as they implement this idea or strategy

R – Report what you've done

Your Discovery Education Login is Your Access Pass

Login to Discovery Education and click on Discovery Educator Network to start your application. 

Find the DEN

Members of the DEN Leadership Council are already lined up to mentor you and help you connect, collaborate, and learn.

Take the Next Step

Don't feel left out. You're an educator too, so you're invited to become a STAR Discovery Educator as well. We'll help you connect with other administrators who share your interests and goals.


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I love the DEN because of all the opportunities it gives me to connect with other educators that are passionate about learning, students, and technology. I also love the DEN because it supports teachers in their endeavor to try new technology in the classroom. Most of all I love the DEN for giving teachers opportunity to share how technology makes teaching more fun, engaging and meaningful to students.
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