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We work with partners to impact the way students learn, breaking down barriers and moving beyond static textbooks to a digital delivery of content they already embrace. Accelerating student achievement is the ultimate result we all want to reach. Discovery Education has worked with school districts across all sizes and demographics and consistently delivers results. We evaluate our services on both the qualitative (student engagement, teacher satisfaction and impact) and quantitative measures (test scores).
  • Center Grove Indiana

    Center Grove Community School Corporation, Indiana

    Moving Forward with the Discovery Education Science Techbook™ Digital Textbook

    Center Grove is a small, innovative school district with 8 buildings serving 7,500 students in the center of Indiana, just south of Indianapolis. It prides itself on providing world-class educational opportunities for its students and is the focal point of the community. During the last state-wide science textbook adoption, Center Grove administrators realized traditional, print-based textbooks were not going to serve their students well. They understood a different approach was required to engage their students in science and to maximize their investment in technology.

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  • Piqua Ohio

    Piqua City Schools, Ohio

    Moving Beyond the City Walls into a World of Discovery

    Ohio’s Piqua City Schools enroll 3,700 students who are all eager to explore the world around them. In order to meet the needs of their students, the leadership recognized that they should endeavor to make the district’s curriculum more interactive and engaging.

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  • Sherman ISD

    Sherman Independent School District, Texas

    Supporting Digital Transformation
    Sherman Independent School District in Sherman, Texas serves over 6,700 students. In order to help fulfill their mission, "to ensure that each student is equipped to excel in our changing environment, through a school system characterized by an unrelenting passion for excellence," Sherman ISD turned to Discovery Education's Streaming service. Sherman ISD has partnered with Discovery Education for almost 10 years, and recently helped Discovery Education reach an important milestone - 500 million digital learning objects served. See how the district, and Wakefield Elementary, celebrated their digital transformation by winning the Discovery Education's 500 Million Contest.

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  • Coachella Valley Unified School District

    Coachella Valley Unified School District, California

    Raising Student Achievement
    In 2009, Coachella Valley Unified School District evaluated the evolving needs of their student population. Based on their findings, the administration decided to fully integrate digital content, technology, and successful instructional strategies into their district to raise student engagement and achievement.


  • Kenai Peninsula

    Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, Alaska

    Connecting the World to the Digital Classrooms
    The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD) is committed to 21st Century learning and they created their 2010-2011 mission statement around that focus. In addition to raising student academic achievement, the district pledged to increase engagement by embedding 21st Century skills into instructional practice. They had the mission, the technology, and needed a way to provide the content and professional development to ensure that every teacher was meeting their potential to design and deliver instruction using the best practices for digital media. See how Discovery Education partnered with KPBSD to accomplish their goals.

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  • Floyd County Public Schools

    Floyd County Public Schools, Kentucky

    Using Data to Ensure Academic Success
    Floyd County Public Schools educates approximately 6,100 students. Located in eastern Kentucky with the district office in Prestonsburg, this rural district has been utilizing Discovery Education Assessment products and services since 2009. Mike Hughes, the District Assessment Coordinator, explains that they are using the data provided by the interim benchmarks assessments to ensure academic achievement and growth at each school.


  • Neenah

    Neenah Joint School District, Wisconsin

    Professional Development Helps Teachers
    The Neenah Joint School District leadership had a sizeable vision - to bring the best educational resources to their students. Therefore, they needed a core curriculum solution that would meet the learning needs of all their students and a process to train their teachers. The answer was to expand their existing Discovery Education Streaming implementation to cover the entire school district, as well as add professional development to help teachers use Discovery Education to the full extent of its capabilities. Read how NJSD and Discovery Education worked together to implement a structure that would touch every teacher and help him or her learn to teach with technology.

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  • Monroe County Schools, Tennessee

    Helping Educators Succeed through Integrated Classroom Solutions
    Educators within Monroe County Schools wanted to enhance their instruction with high-quality digital resources that engage digitally-native students. As a former Discovery Education Streaming subscriber, they understood the impact that digital resources can make in helping students better understand difficult concepts. Three years ago, they made the decision to replace Discovery Education with another educational streaming service as a way to save district funds. As educators attempted to implement the new service, they began to realize that the new service did not include comprehensive K-12 curricular resources, that access to resources was slow and inconsistent, and they were not receiving the level of support they were accustomed to. Learn about their decision to return to Discovery Education.

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