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We work with partners to impact the way students learn, breaking down barriers and moving beyond static textbooks to a digital delivery of content they already embrace. Accelerating student achievement is the ultimate result we all want to reach. Discovery Education has worked with school districts across all sizes and demographics and consistently delivers results. We evaluate our services on both the qualitative (student engagement, teacher satisfaction and impact) and quantitative measures (test scores).
  • Rock Hill Schools Success
    Rock Hill Schools

    Rock Hill Schools, South Carolina

    Inquiry-Based STEM Instruction Results in Higher PASS Scores for 4th Grade Students

    With over 17,000 students and 27 schools, South Carolina's Rock Hill Schools is the largest of four school districts in York County. Rock Hill is a member of Digital Promise's League of Innovative Schools, and is transforming classrooms by providing all students with challenging work that engages them in the learning process and prepares them for successful futures.

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  • Collier County Public Schools

    Collier County Public Schools, Florida

    Embracing the Future, Today, with Digital Textbooks

    Collier County Public Schools in Florida serves approximately 44,000 students. In an era of having to do “more with less,” while maintaining the level of excellence that Collier's parents have come to expect, the leadership within the district decided to make calculated steps towards the future by reinventing their science curriculum.

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  • Mooresville Graded School District

    Mooresville Graded School District, North Carolina

    Digital Conversion Leads to Real Results

    Mooresville Graded School District was interested in shifting their culture to engage students and prepare them for college and entrance into the technology-fueled workforce. Working with administrators, classroom teachers, and parents, Discovery Education developed a strategy that included powerfully motivating digital content and professional development as a key to their digital conversion.

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  • Utica Community Schools

    Utica Community Schools, Michigan

    Reimagining Education: Committing to Digital Transformation and Empowering Learning
    Utica Community Schools in Macomb County, Michigan serves over 25,000 students. It's a district dedicated to their mission, "Every Child Achieves," and they strive each and every day to help every child reach his or her full potential. UCS has partnered with Discovery Education to ensure that students receive a rigorous, high-calibre education empowering them to reach their full potential and become contributing members of a diverse community and global society.

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  • Grand Prairie Independent School District

    Grand Prairie Independent School District, Texas

    Accelerating the Digital Transformation through Professional Development
    Focused on high-yield instructional strategies that result in sustainable improvements in student engagement and achievement, Grand Prairie's leadership team articulated the desire to design professional learning opportunities for Grand Prairie to enhance teaching in ways that systemically impact learning. Discovery Education partnered with the district to develop a customized learning plan that supports its ongoing digital transition.
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  • Santa Rosa County Public Schools

    Santa Rosa County Public Schools, Florida

    Comprehensive Approach to Digital Transition Yields Results
    Santa Rosa County Public Schools serve 25,000 students. The district is traditionally high performing despite the fact they are 66th out of 67 counties in Florida in terms of state funding. They decided they needed to continue to innovate to meet the needs of their students in an ever-changing world.

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  • Osceola County Public Schools

    Osceola County Public Schools, Florida

    Discovery Education Science Leads to Double Digit Improvements
    Osceola County Public Schools wanted to transform their elementary science curriculum. The district decided to launch Discovery Education Science as core piece of their classroom instructional resources. Bolstered by effective district professional development and support, Osceola County students improved their performance on the FCAT exam.