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We work with partners to impact the way students learn, breaking down barriers and moving beyond static textbooks to a digital delivery of content they already embrace. Accelerating student achievement is the ultimate result we all want to reach. Discovery Education has worked with school districts across all sizes and demographics and consistently delivers results. We evaluate our services on both the qualitative (student engagement, teacher satisfaction and impact) and quantitative measures (test scores).
  • Wake County Public School System

    Wake County Public School System, North Carolina

    Developing Teacher-Leaders To Drive The Digital Transition

    As the largest school system in the state of North Carolina, Wake County Public School System serves 150,000 students across 169 schools. In order to effectively make a large-scale shift to the technology-based Common Core state standards, Wake County focused onequipping its teachers with the appropriate tools and training to integrate technology into their classrooms using Discovery Education's Digital Leader Corps initiative.

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  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools

    Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Florida

    Achieving Real Results Through Transformational Change

    The Miami-Dade School District leadership realized that today's students have changed and that schools needed to catch up. They turned to Discovery Education in order to infuse digital resources, complete with curriculum alignment and pacing guides, as well as targeted professional development into their schools to make learning more relevant for their students. Watch how Miami-Dade's partnership with Discovery Education has led the district to achieve real results.

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  • Indianapolis Public Schools

    Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana

    Moving Beyond the City Walls into a World of Discovery

    Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) was in need of more engaging and relevant instructional materials to replace textbooks in their Social Studies curriculum. Working with administrators and classroom teachers, Discovery Education developed a strategy that included Discovery Education Streaming, comprehensive professional development, and the creation of model lessons to engage educators and students throughout the district.

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  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina

    An Unqualified Success

    Schools face multiple challenges in order to raise student achievement. One district in North Carolina implemented a program specifically designed for their goals, needs, and educator skill sets. Read about how Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District has sustained dramatically increased science scores with the help of Discovery Education.

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  • DeKalb County Public Schools

    DeKalb County School System, Georgia

    Cross Curricular Focus Leads to Higher Scores
    Over the past six years, DeKalb County School System and Discovery Education have partnered together to improve student achievement, to advance educators professional development, and to evolve their curriculum to 21st century standards in a cost-effective way. Read how this cross curricular alignment lead them to higher scores.

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