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Cross Curricular Focus Leads to Higher Scores

The DeKalb County School System is a metropolitan Atlanta public school system located in the third largest county in Georgia. DeKalb, one of the most culturally diverse counties in the nation, has a student enrollment of more than 98,500 students in 142 schools and centers. Along with its rich diversity, the DeKalb community prides itself in absorbing over 1,800 unexpected Katrina evacuee students.

DeKalb County School System

DeKalb County School System, GA


    DeKalb County School System is committed to bringing the best educational content they can to their students and teachers. After achieving a high level of success in partnering with Discovery Education, DeKalb County School System sought to make instructional time more effective through cross curricular alignment.



    • Through Discovery Education Streaming, DeKalb County Schools saw improved student achievement and the cost-effective evolution of curriculum to 21st century standards
    • Through a sound Professional Development program, educators were taught how to incorporate digital media into their everyday teaching, learning to create lesson plans, use web 2.0 tools, and that digital media in lesson planning is more than just videos
    • In the first year after implemening Discovery Education Science, as a result of engaging content and a sound professional development strategy, Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) scores went up in grades 3, 4, and 5
    • Discovery Education content is now embedded directly into the curriculum guides so teachers can click and launch directly to digital assets that are aligned to Georgia’s standards as well as Common Core standards for classroom lessons

    Percentage of Students Meeting & Exceeding In Science on
    Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT)

    Source: Georgia Dept. of Education release June 2010

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    Download the executive summary and full case study for a closer look at DeKalb County's success.

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    What People Are Saying

    "I strongly believe that Discovery Education gives children the ability to experience the world in new ways or through multimedia when direct experiences are not always possible."

    Kelli Harris-Wright
    Director, Department for Elementary Teaching and Learning
    DeKalb County Public Schools