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Less Searching. More Learning.

Discovery Education Product Enhancements for Back-to-School 2018

Techbook & Streaming Plus Enhancements

#1Find what you need. Search Smarter.

  • Search within each Techbook Course; filter by unit and concept
  • Sort by Most Popular, Most Recent, and Phrase Match
  • Voice command for younger learners (Chrome only)

#2Get Help. On Demand.

  • Teachers can now access help from the “Help” icon in upper right
  • Links to Product-specific Guides in the Professional Learning Center

#3Easier to View Student Progress

Assignment Manager
  • Assignment Manager is now simplified, modernized, and fully responsive
  • Assignments given at individual level or class level appear in one view
Student Report
  • Teachers can quickly glance at how a student is doing on all assignments in one view


Techbook Enhancements

New Navigation

  • Teachers & students now have a “breadcrumb” navigation which supports wayfinding
  • Dropdowns for quick access to related concepts, units, or chapters

Experience the Techbook Seamless Look and Feel

  • Access on any device responsive design
  • View all concepts in one scrolling view
  • Unified experience for all 6-12 subjects
  • Bright, bold imagery for each course

Click Less

  • See all unit and concepts with a course-at-a-glance
  • See how all lessons align to standards in one printable view
  • Jump straight to a Model Lesson or Concept Resources

Improved Standards Navigation

  • Techbook & Streaming Plus now share the updated Curriculum Standards view
  • Search by keyword term or standards number to hone in on concepts quickly for planning

New Search View: “Concept Resources”

  • All resources associated with a concept in one view
  • Filter by Lexile level, etc. to zero in on best resources to support each learner
  • Quickly assign to individual, group, or class

Support Unit-Level Teacher Planning

  • Unified Unit Page across Techbook
  • Fully responsive views
  • Quick access to Model Lessons, Concept, and Concept Resources
  • Access to Unit Assessment

Science Techbook

K-5 Course/Unit Views

Enhanced visual experience for our younger learners with with larger fonts, bright colors, and clear call-to-action buttons.

Student Stay on Top of Assignments

New “Past Due” tab ensures students don’t miss assignments in list of materials.

Explore Science Techbook

Math Techbook

Improved Math Coach & Play Experience

  • Updated to be consistent with DE’s student assessment experience
  • Supports students in tracking their efforts by showing number of “attempts”
  • Supports ELL with Language Switcher (Spanish/English, for HS Science Courses only)

  • Explore Math Techbook