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STEM: Connecting the Dots

Discovery Education and STEM education are a perfect fit when it comes to transforming your classroom or school for the 21st century.

Audience: K-12 Central Office, Building, and Teacher Leaders

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About This Academy

Strategies to Support STEM Teaching and Learning

STEM is not about just teaching about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; it is a culture that needs to be cultivated to help create a problem solving, creative, critical thinking workforce for tomorrow. During this Academy, Discovery Education will expand your thinking to embrace STEM beyond those subjects, and beyond your classrooms walls.

This professional development provides:

  • An intense focus on instructional practices to successfully apply a STEM philosophy in their classroom, school, or district.
  • A dive into what these practices look like and how to build them into the curriculum to maximize student engagement and achievement
  • STEM instructional strategies connected to the demands of the NGSS and CCSS
  • Action steps for immediate application of their learning.


8:30 AM

Welcome: Introductions and Group Norms
Engaging in the Why of STEM:  What does the research say? What does it mean for our students?
Exploring the What of STEM: What STEM is and isn't.
STEM Immersions: Experiencing STEM through several lenses.

12:00 PM—Lunch (provided)

STEM Immersions: Continued.
Designing STEM Learning Experiences: The Must-Haves
Elements of STEM and Your Definition: Tools, Resources, and Action Steps in a Digital Story

3:00 PM—Wrap-Up

Learning Targets

  • I CAN explain the rationale and implications for STEM education.
  • I CAN describe a STEM experience and explain instructional strategies that support STEM.
  • I CAN identify digital tools and resources to support STEM instruction and engage all students in authentic learning.
  • I CAN describe how STEM is a culture of learning that connects with all subject areas.

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What People are Saying

"[This Academy] strengthened my commitment to STEM teaching strategies!"

Robert French
Title I Science IC
Katy ISD (TX)