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Literacy and Common Core Instruction in a Digital World

Literacy and the Common Core Instruction in a Digital World Preparing students to be deeper readers, writers and thinkers

Audience: K12 ELA and Content Area Teachers; Central Office, Building and Teacher Leaders

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About this Academy

Rigor, text complexity, close reading, text-based questions, evidence from sources… the CCSS brings new standards that are driving both new learning expectations for students and shifts in teaching. Literacy and Common Core Instruction in a Digital World will help strengthen your core by equipping you to align teaching strategies to the standards and to use digital media and tools to help your students become the skilled readers, writers, and thinkers needed in today’s world.

This professional development provides:

  • Literacy instruction and assessment strategies to support the development of digitally literate students in preparation for college and career expectations.
  • Instructional strategies aligned to the CCSS instructional shifts including close reading, text dependent questions, teaching academic vocabulary with complex texts, and using digital media and digital tools.
  • Strategies to leverage digital resources in support of balanced literacy and content area classrooms.


8:30 AM

Welcome and Introduction
Digital Integration: "Walk the Digital Walk"
Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning: Students and Teachers using Evidence

12:00 PM—Lunch (provided)

Purposeful Assessments in Instruction and in PLCs: Assessment of, for, and as Learning
Tasks with Rigor and Complexity: Promoting a Culture of Rigor and Risk-Taking
High and Clear Learning Targets: Digital tools and resources to support the transition

3:00 PM—Wrap-Up

Learning Targets

  • I CAN describe digital literacy, its importance for students and its connection to the CCSS.
  • I CAN explain the content, format and structure of the CCSS and use this information to develop explicit learning targets in my literacy instruction.
  • I CAN describe and utilize high leverage instructional literacy strategies to engage and support students in meeting the CCSS.
  • I CAN explain purposeful assessment strategies and use them todevelop an assessment that includes digital content and measure students? literacy skills.
  • I CAN identify digital tools and resources to engage students in authentic literacy learning and to support their digital literacy development.

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What People are Saying

"If every teacher had this exposure and training, the transition and anxiety would be so much less. It is going to save me trillions of hours of exploring the web. "

Sharon Arsenault
Reading Specialist
Kehrs Mill Elementary