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Teaching and Assessing Math
In A Digital World

As both an educator and a leader, you understand that even the best standards fall short without effective implementation.

Audience: K-12 Math and Content Area Teachers

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About this Academy

Teaching for Mathematical Depth

To be prepared for college and the workplace, students need a blend of skills, conceptual understandings, problem solving, and perseverance. Teaching and Assessing Math in a Digital World will help you make sense of the expectations and practices that develop students as deep mathematical thinkers and problem solvers. Strengthen your practice with resources, tools, and assessments, leveraging digital media and technology, to help your students reach higher levels of math achievement.

This professional development provides:

  • Focuses on instructional practices and assessment strategies to support the development of mathematically proficient students in preparation for college and career expectations
  • Includes the integration and effective use of digital tools and resources into math instruction and assessments to build students’ mathematical literacy skills


8:30 AM

Welcome and Introduction: Teaching for Mathematical Depth
Digital Integration: Qualities of Effective Digital Integration in the Math Classroom
Explicit Learning Targets: Involving Students in Their Learning

12:00 PM—Lunch (provided)

Practice the Practices: What do mathematical practices look like in the classroom?
Tasks with Rigor and Complexity: Using Assessments Effectively in Your Math Classroom
High Leverage Instructional Practices: Strategies and Tools

3:00 PM—Wrap-Up

Learning Targets

  • I CAN explain how to use math standards and learning targets with all students to engage them in assessing and monitoringtheir learning.
  • I CAN identify strategies to develop students’ mathematical thinking skills to promote positive math attitudes.
  • I CAN describe the characteristics of meaningful math tasks and assessment strategies, and how to apply them in my classroom.
  • I CAN describe an instructional model to engage students in rigorous real-world math tasks.
  • I CAN identify digital and print resources to support the effective implementation of the best practices in math.

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What People are Saying

"Dr. Beerer has shared with us a wealth of resources that can be utilized with teachers in professional development. She's been able to take something that can be perceived as abstract and make it very concrete."

Andrew Loiterstein
Brentwood Middle School