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Course Progression and Descriptions

Leading the Digital Conversion
Course time varies
Manage and effectively lead the digital conversion — which can be an exciting undertaking for students, educators, and parents — while proactively tackling the challenges. The ripple effect of a digital adoption may reveal questions regarding equipment, bandwidth, skill level, instructional planning, assessment, and instruction. In this session, a Discovery Education Specialist helps participants explore the opportunities of a digital conversion and shares a proactive approach to planning, managing, and leading the process.
Managing the Digital Conversion
Course time varies
Examine how program fidelity is critical for an effective digital implementation. In this session, a Discovery Education Specialist helps participants identify and answer questions that surround program implementation. These questions include the following: What does effective implementation look like? What should teachers and students be doing? What should leaders be doing? Administrators explore strategies for using video effectively and define desired, observable teacher and student behaviors. Participants also examine reporting features.
Going Viral with Innovative Teaching and Learning
Course time varies
Tackle the “change process” and explore how effective teaching practices flourish under the right conditions. Successfully creating and managing those conditions is at the heart of great leadership. In this course, a Discovery Education specialist helps participants explore strategies for managing the “change process” and working with resistant teachers, and shares surprising facts about professional development. Collectively these skills help administrators and teacher leaders maximize opportunities for professional development and ensure that innovative teaching practices go viral!
Leadership Strategies to Support Digital Literacy and the Common Core
6-hour course
Leaders in education understand that even the best standards are powerless to improve student learning and performance without effective implementation. A Discovery Education Specialist provides practical implementation strategies for immediate application in all classrooms. Participants develop a fundamental understanding of the necessary shifts required in instructional planning and delivery and explore the power of digital integration. Participants also examine assessment tools that support students in meeting more rigorous demands. 
Mastering Critical Admin Functions in Discovery Education
Course time varies
Get acquainted with the content and capabilities of Discovery Education to maximize the system benefits. Administrators learn how to utilize system administration tools available in Discovery Education to help guide teachers in using digital media effectively in the classroom. Additionally, administrators learn how educators search for content based on a variety of different metadata, including standards, keyword, media type, grade level, and more. With the support of a Discovery Education Specialist, participants learn how to link lesson objectives with up-to-date digital resources within various Discovery Education products.
Employing Rigor: Using Media to Encourage Text-based Discussions
Course time varies
Unleash the potential of media and experience how students’ achievement improves when students are active participants in their learning. When teachers place media at the center of meaningful activities that encourage collaboration and discussion, students move from being passive to active learners. In this course, a Discovery Education Specialist helps participants learn how to implement effective strategies for using media in ways that promote active learning. Participants also explore strategies for developing questions that promote high-quality, text-based discussions.
Model Classroom
Course time varies
Experience the future now! Participants are immersed in a Discovery Education teaching and learning experience. Using a centers-based instructional approach, participants experience a model lesson first hand, moving through a variety of stations designed to build student content knowledge. Directions, management, resources, and planning techniques for centers are shared. With the support of planning materials and a Discovery Education Specialist, administrators learn strategies for creating a centers-based lesson appropriate for a one-to-one or one-to-many computer environment.
Discovery Digital Leader Corps
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Designed to scale digital transformation and re-imagine the culture of teaching and learning, the Discovery Digital Leader Corps is a three-year+ professional learning partnership for educators and school leaders. Optimizing the role and use of digital tools and content, Digital Leader Corps inspires and equips educators to become an active agent in fostering a community of learning and collaboration amongst their peers.

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“Today’s training helped me feel more comfortable and confident with integrating Discovery Education into my curriculum as well as provided practical time to actually create a small lesson and I can use immediately. I really appreciated today.” 

– California Educator