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Course Progression and Descriptions

iRead, iWrite, iThink
6-hour course
Enhance effective fluency instruction in K–2 classrooms and extend the connection between reading, writing, and thinking in early elementary classrooms to support student learning. Participants discuss three proven fluency strategies and discover ways to enhance them through the use of technology and Discovery Education Streaming Plus resources. Participants engage in hands-on exploration of newly introduced tools and strategies and incorporate ideas into lessons that can be implemented immediately with students. Emphasis is placed on using media with targeted Web 2.0 tools and applications to increase student engagement and achievement in the area of fluency.
Literacy and Common Core in a Digital World
6-hour course
Explore “the Core” with Discovery Education! The Common Core standards for ELA bring a new focus to concepts that are driving both shifts in teaching and updated learning expectations for students. This course helps participants prepare to unwrap the standards and align instructional strategies to the CCSS instructional shifts. Participants explore strategies for using digital media and tools to help students become the skilled readers, writers, and thinkers needed in our global economy.
Digital Storytelling
6-hour course
Explore innovative ways for students to demonstrate understanding of concepts. Digital Storytelling engages your students in higher levels of thinking as they create movies to show their level of understanding about the content under investigation. In this course, a Discovery Education Specialist helps participants learn to combine text, images, audio, and video to tell stories that make information “stick.” Participants use a PC, MAC, or mobile device to create simple to complex digital stories as they explore the art of digital storytelling and the ways it can be used in a 5E lesson.
Employing Rigor: Using Media to Encourage Text-Based Discussions
Course time varies
Unleash the potential of media and experience how students’ achievement improves when students are active participants in their learning. When teachers place media at the center of meaningful activities that encourage collaboration and discussion, students move from being passive to active learners. In this course, a Discovery Education Specialist helps participants learn how to implement effective strategies for using media in ways that promote active learning. Participants also explore strategies for developing questions that promote high-quality, text-based discussions.

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“Today’s training helped me feel more comfortable and confident with integrating Discovery Education into my curriculum as well as provided practical time to actually create a small lesson and I can use immediately. I really appreciated today.” 

– California Educator