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Professional Development Delivery Options

Discovery Education provides professional development opportunities in a variety of formats to best meet our partners learning styles and schedules.

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Inspiring Educators to Reimagine Learning.


Discovery Education Professional Development in-person learning opportunities empower participants with rich and relevant interactive learning experiences. In person support allows the Discovery Education Professional Development team to leverage the power of interaction, collaboration and observation. The team also incorporates the partner’s instructional environment to provide a relevant and engaging learning experience.

Multi-day Academy | Six-hour Course | Half-day Session

Each multi-day academy, six-hour course and half-day session is carefully designed to meet the identified needs of the group and can utilize direct instruction, guided exploration and model lessons to build a solid foundation of research based instructional strategies for each participant.

In-person professional development

Conference Learning Event

A Discovery Education conference-style event consists of an informative and inspiring day of professional development. Designed for larger audiences, these events can provide an opportunity for educators to gain a broad view of innovative teaching and learning. Participants can choose from a variety of professional learning topics or focus on a specific content area.

One Discovery Education Professional Development Specialist can support the learning needs of up to 25 educators at any given time with face-to-face training.

Conference Style Professional Development

Job-Embedded Learning

Coaching and Instructional support services each contribute to improving teaching and learning. Both approaches provide push-in classroom support where Discovery Education Coaches are elbow to elbow with educators to produce results in specific areas of focus. The services differ with regard to the level of intensity and support provided.

Instructional and Leadership Coaching

Instructional and Leadership Coaching is more intensive and requires more frequent contact over time between coach and educator to set goals and evaluate impact. Additionally, the complex nature of coaching requires that it takes place between the same coach and educator over multiple sessions to build a strong relationship. Since the focus of coaching is on student learning outcomes, coaches are well rooted in pedagogy and guide educators in reflective conversations and the collection of multiple data points to get to the heart of student achievement.

Instructional Support

Instructional Support is just-in-time, job-embedded support for educators designed to illustrate the value of incorporating new strategies. Instructional Support is a natural follow up to full-day, in-person learning sessions designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, reduce implementation barriers, increase fidelity and reinforce efforts. Participants work directly with a Discovery Education Professional Development Specialist to apply knowledge and skills learned during whole group learning sessions.

Job-Embedded Learning

Delivering at Scale

In an average month, 130+ Discovery Education learning consultants will deliver more than 600 days of professional development to over 15,000 educators—and the numbers are growing.


Discovery Education Professional Development online learning opportunities provide participants with meaningful learning experiences in a variety of formats and time frames, accommodating the most complex schedule.

Webinars or Web Conferencing

Using high quality video and integrated voice conferencing, webinars offer both auditory and visual interactive experiences for all participants. Accessible from multiple locations, webinars can be organized for a single attendee, small groups of educators, or large audiences. Discovery Education webinars enable participants to learn specific processes, collaborate, consult or receive continuous support to enhance professional learning.

Interactive Training

Whether you are new to Discovery Education or have been utilizing our resources for years, we invite you to explore our interactive training courses that bring you together with community members from all around, as they share tips, tricks and practical integration strategies for using digital resources and maximizing your experience in Discovery Education. Each course addresses one component of Discovery Education through a series of five steps, which include video overviews and step-by-step guides. Upon completion of the steps, you can take a quiz to receive a certificate for an hour of professional development credit.


Connecting educators with their most valuable resource… each other. A blended community of practice for education professionals who are passionate about transforming the learning experience with digital media, the Discovery Education Community connects members across town and around the world through social media, virtual conferences and in-person events.

Fostering valuable networking, idea-sharing and inspiration, the Discovery Education Community was founded in 2005 and has grown into one of the largest, most active professional education learning communities in the world. Learn how the Discovery Education Community empowers teachers and administrators.

Online Professional Development


Academies – Build Your Instructional Strength

Discovery Education is proud to partner with educators to offer professional learning Academies, at no cost, to provide best practices in using digital content to implement standards, digital resources for immediate classroom integration, practical implementation strategies and leadership applications in the areas of Literacy, STEM, Math and NGSS. Learn more

Thought Leadership Conferences

Discovery Education brings educational leaders together to share successful strategies, discuss challenges and build meaningful alliances.

Powerful Practices

The Powerful Practices series is a new collection of exclusive experiences and content designed specifically for superintendents and curriculum leaders searching for new ideas and inspiration to grow instructional leadership capacity. Powerful Practices targets the issues all educational leaders face today and provides rich insights into moving schools forward.

Superintendent & CAO Thought Leadership Symposiums

Throughout the year, Discovery Education brings together district administrators for two days of collaborative learning and networking. Attendees engage in rich dialogue with their peers around critical topics they’ve identified.

Principal Summit

Each year, Discovery Education brings together school administrators for days of intensive professional development and networking. Attendees learn how to use technology to energize their own leadership, empower their teachers and develop lasting relationships with other school leaders.

DEN Summer Institute

This is a unique weeklong residential-style event, focused on educational excellence, leadership and networking. Attendees leave connected to other passionate professionals, inspired by experts and equipped with new ideas to transform teaching and learning.

Events like Powerful Practices