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Our Team

The Discovery Education Professional Development team consists of experts in the area of content, strategy and design, as well as a large team of learning consultants working with partners all over the world to improve student and teacher outcomes and deliver innovative and engaging experiences. Learn more about our team below.

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Inspiring Educators to Reimagine Learning

Content and Strategy Team

The Discovery Education Professional Development Content and Strategy Team is made up of highly qualified educators who work closely with our partners around the world to design results-driven professional learning solutions. Their approach combines the power of content, pedagogy and technology to create innovative and engaging learning experiences that drive systemic transformation.

Meet the Team:

Delivering at Scale

In an average month, 130+ Discovery Education learning consultants will deliver more than 600 days of professional development to over 15,000 educators—and the numbers are growing.

Learning Consultants

Discovery Education Professional Development Consultants work with partners all over the world to deliver innovative and engaging content. Our consultants are expert practitioners with a passion for teaching and learning who have the ability to dynamically facilitate robust professional growth experiences that inspire educators and administrators to reimagine learning.

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What Educators are Saying

"The professional development has reinvented me as a teacher and as a colleague. I am the leader that is assisting other teachers in achieving their professional goals by growing and improving as teachers. They are using best practices to also reach their students and achieved maximum learning gains. Many teachers have told me that I have inspired them and I have helped them become DEN stars so that their students can benefit from all the resources available through Discovery Education. My participation as a DLN has forever changed my life."

– Miami-Dade Educator

Speakers Bureau

Tap into your potential with Discovery Education's Speakers Bureau. Work with our team of keynote speakers and workshop leaders to identify, encourage and promote the most effective use of technology in the classroom.ost effective use of technology in the classroom.

What Educators are Saying

"Participating in the PD has opened my eyes to the amount of technological avenues were available to use with my students. It not only made it fun for me to teach, but also made it engaging and innovative for my students. I am very grateful to have participated in such an amazing and eye-opening professional development."

– Educator

What Educators are Saying

"Thank you for making us better teachers!"

– Houston Educator