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We work closely with our partners to provide results-driven professional learning that combines the power of content, pedagogy and technology to create innovative and engaging learning experiences that drive systemic transformation. Our goal is to strengthen teacher effectiveness, empower school leaders and increase student engagement through meaningful learning opportunities.

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Inspiring Educators to Reimagine Learning

About Us

Discovery Education Professional Development is recognized as one of the top ten professional development providers in the US. Our approach is unique, including research-based content aligned to our philosophy that honors the educators with whom we work.

We craft innovative and engaging experiences, immersing educators in purposeful learning which balances content, pedagogy and technology. Digital is the differentiator in our world, allowing equitable access to learning, increasing student engagement and offering opportunities for collaboration and feedback. We regularly position technology as a means to completely redesign a lesson--to create something otherwise impossible without it.

Our Philosophy

Discovery Education offers research-based, results-driven professional learning. Our innovative approach systematically impacts multiple layers of the school system and provides educators with immersive experiences to bridge theory to practice. Because our approach is teacher-centered, we offer face-to-face professional learning, online support, classroom application and job-embedded coaching.

We engage with our partners to:
  • Design professional learning plans collaboratively that support continuous improvement in teacher and administrator skills
  • Address professional learning needs for both classroom teachers and district leaders
  • Provide highly-trained and certified educators for all professional learning experiences
  • Support sustainability through the Discovery Education Community

Delivering at Scale

In an average month, 130+ Discovery Education learning consultants will deliver more than 600 days of professional development to over 15,000 educators—and the numbers are growing.

Content Design

The professional development content provided by Discovery Education is both innovative, and accessible. It engages all educators through its research-based and actionable approach, connecting best practices to innovative new methods of reaching all students.

Discovery Education’s professional development content is anchored in core tenets that will:
  • Transform learning through the combined power of content, pedagogy and technology used to create innovative and engaging classroom experiences.
  • Model effective and purposeful integration of digital content and resources as a differentiator in meeting the diverse learning needs of students.
  • Immerse educators in learning experiences grounded in research leading to actionable and intentional transfer to classroom practice.
  • Facilitate opportunities for professional collaboration and reflective practice.

What Educators are Saying

"Participating in the PD has opened my eyes to the amount of technological avenues were available to use with my students. It not only made it fun for me to teach, but also made it engaging and innovative for my students. I am very grateful to have participated in such an amazing and eye-opening professional development."

– Educator

Our Approach

With each professional development partnership, we start with the end in mind, working closely with our partners to provide a well-rounded, consultative and adaptive approach to each professional learning plan.

Consult & Plan

We utilize a consultative approach in our work with partners, as we listen to understand their challenges and identify pathways to support their goal in reaching intended outcomes.

Launch & Deliver

Communication is a hallmark of our approach. In collaboration with our partners, we build an implementation plan designed to include key stakeholders as we ensure goals and expectations will be clearly understood.

Monitor & Adapt

Continual reflection is critical as we monitor implementation. We interrogate reality - reviewing multiple data points including participant survey data, usage data, observations, student learning artifacts and much more. Our approach based on that information to ensure the intended outcomes are met.

Evaluate Success

At key partnership milestones, we evaluate progress against program goals to understand the impact of our work. We use these opportunities to further develop our professional learning plans and course correct, if necessary, to ensure we properly differentiate for the learning process and evolving partner objectives.

Ongoing Support

Discovery Education Professional Development partners are provided with ongoing support from initial implementation through maintenance and adaptation of each solution. This support is illuminated through connections found in the largest educator community of its kind.

What Educators are Saying

"The professional development has reinvented me as a teacher and as a colleague. I am the leader that is assisting other teachers in achieving their professional goals by growing and improving as teachers. They are using best practices to also reach their students and achieved maximum learning gains. Many teachers have told me that I have inspired them and I have helped them become DEN stars so that their students can benefit from all the resources available through Discovery Education. My participation as a DLN has forever changed my life."

– Miami-Dade Educator

What Educators are Saying

"Thank you for making us better teachers!"

– Houston Educator

Success Stories

Discovery Education develops sustainable solutions that transform classrooms, empower teachers and captivate students. Whether our partners are just beginning their digital journey or are well along their way, our programs are designed to drive impactful growth through a combination of the highest quality digital resources, capacity building instructional and administrative professional development and support from the largest learning network of its kind.

Here are just a few of our compelling partnership success stories.


  • One day of on-site professional development is generally $2800 for a 6-hour session with one of our expert instructors, accommodating 25 educators.
  • Customized professional learning sessions can be designed specifically to meet partner needs and generally start at $3800 per session.
  • Job embedded capacity building plans are designed to meet partner needs and generally start at $3500 per session.
  • Discovery Education provides ongoing support through the Discovery Education Community, a global professional learning community that supports educator growth and collaboration. Membership is available to all Discovery Education partners for no additional cost.

*Please contact your Discovery Education partnership representative for more details.