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Jannita Demian


As a classroom teacher in California, Jannita was known for engaging her students through digital media, technology, creative projects and partnerships with companies and educational organizations. She was recognized by her peers as Teacher of the Year and received the PTA Honorary Service Award. She brought the same enthusiasm when she joined Discovery Education to help launch the Discovery Educator Network. Today she hosts a variety of events for district administrators, educators, parents, and students to build community. Her approach encourages participants to discover new and creative ways to re-engage today's learners and seeks new opportunities to keep educators connected and inspired.

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Concurrent Sessions


Ayuda! Pomoc! Tulong! Help! I'm an English Learner in a Digital Land

With diverse classroom populations, your ability to differentiate feels more important than ever. In this session, explore Discovery Education through the lens of Language Learners and see how digital media and technology can engage and benefit students from all backgrounds.

Don't FLIP Out... Just FLIP it!

What happens when students work harder than teachers? Learning takes place! Help students find their voice and get back yours through creating simple mini lessons through strategies and techniques that will transform teaching and learning in any class.

Where are you Heading to? UbD and Digital Media

They say “Life is a Highway” but where’s the road map?!? In a world bombarded with different media types, educators are asking WHERE do we go from here? Based on principles of UbD, join us to learn new and impactful ways to increase student engagement. See examples of how teachers across the nation are utilizing media to help transform their teaching from the hook at the beginning of the unit to the summative assessments at the end.

Learning Beyond the Bell — Discovery Education’s Student Center

The dismissal bell has rung, but there's still time to learn! Continue to satisfy your students' curiosity with Discovery Education's Student Center. Learn how to use this tool to create classes and groups, assign media-rich writing prompts, quizzes, and a variety of engaging resources for your students to pursue on their own. Differentiate effectively, reach all students, and extend the learning with DE's Student Center.

Communicate, Collaborate, and Create: Changing Your Classroom and the World

Step in and learn how to transform teaching and learning in your classroom through simple online tools that will allow you and your students to communicate, collaborate, and create. Take it a step further by providing an authentic audience and purpose to change your world.

Using Challenge Based Learning to Boost Achievement (and Help Change the World)

Challenge Based Learning enables students explore and develop solutions to real-world problems and challenges. Join us as we discuss the difference between Project and Challenge Based Learning and explore how to begin these programs in your school. Empower your students to learn about science and conservation while making a difference in their schools, communities and around the world through the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge ( You'll leave with a wide variety of free resources that can help you and your class make an impact.

Ready or Not: Teachers, Technology, and the Common Core Transition

Ready or not, the Common Core transition has arrived. What does this mean and how will it impact teaching and learning for you and your students? During this webinar we examine practical strategies for using digital content and technologies to engage students in today's 21st Century classrooms. Session concepts and ideas include integration of Common Core focused content, pedagogy best practices, and effective use of instructional technology to improve learning for all students.


What People Are Saying

"Jannita Demian is an incredibly engaging presenter as she conveys great connection and understanding of the day to day needs of school leaders and classroom teachers. Her presentations are highly interactive, reflective, and great fun! Our leaders in Wake County left recharged and ready to lead after Jannita's session."
Todd Wirt
Ed.D Assistant Superintendent for Academics
Wake County Public School System
"Watching Jannita present in a room full of educators is a pure delight. She has an amazing connection to everyone and seems to float with ease around the room. She is very in tune with current educational practices and helps participants make connections between what they already feel comfortable with to any new material she presents. Jannita weaves technology and the joy of learning into each lesson. I always look forward to working with her!"
Laura Love
Coordinator III School Improvement
Clark County School District

Types of Sessions She Delivers

  • Concurrent Sessions

Topics She Covers

  • Content Creation
  • Media and Instruction