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Tap into your potential with Discovery Education's Speakers Bureau. Work with our team of keynote speakers and workshop leaders to identify, encourage, and promote the most effective use of technology in the classroom.
Kyle Schutt


Since 2010 Kyle has worked with educators throughout the country to help them better understand how technology and digital media can be used to support instruction, motivate students, and increase passion for learning. Schutt has fostered relationships and community-building by hosting in-person and virtual events for the Discovery Educator Network (DEN), most recently enjoying brainstorming, creating, producing and moderating Discovery Education’s virtual field trips and student focused events. Additionally, he supports Discovery Education’s corporate education partnership programs such as the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, Siemens STEM Academy, Toyota Teen Driver and Together Counts.
As an educator in the classroom, Kyle discovered the unquestionable power of collaboration and communication to build community in his classroom, school and district. Pioneering a number of district-wide initiatives, including coteaching and Response to Instruction and Intervention, he sought opportunities to grow professionally and share his what he learned with his peers so that they could strive to meet the needs of all students. Balanced literacy instruction, guided math, formative assessment, effective use of technology and digital media, and student-created projects were some of his specialties.
Prior to joining Discovery, Kyle worked in North and South Carolina as a SMART Technologies certified trainer and education consultant, where he shared effective strategies for utilizing interactive whiteboard technology and response systems into curriculum, instruction and assessment.

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Keynote Sessions


Shared Intelligence: How Learning Communities are Transforming Education

Can you imagine if all teachers had a “Magic Eight Ball” that they could turn to every time they had a question about instructional practice, technology or learning theory? It would provide resources, anecdotal experiences, practical applications of innovative tools, and much more. Luckily, through the connected and collaborative power of online technologies, we have access to a vast and vibrant network of educators that are infinitely more qualified than a Magic Eight Ball to provide ongoing, timely support and encouragement. Fuel your professional growth with help from The Discovery Educator Network (DEN). See ways in which these educators connect online and in-person, and power-up your personal learning network by connecting with educators like you!

STEM Education and You

When it comes to STEM, the whole is by far greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s build a common understanding around the need for this inquiry-driven, connected framework of education. We’ll observe STEM through the lens of the 21st century and see how educators are utilizing technology to collaborate and tackle their biggest challenges.

Concurrent Sessions


Checking for Understanding in a Digital World

The research is in, and we know that when teachers understand formative assessment processes and students participate in them, BOTH achievement and motivation increases. So how can we utilize these important pedagogies in a digital world? Learn how digital tools are blurring the lines between content delivery and evaluation by enabling individualized learning experiences. We'll witness the advantages of web-based tools and see how they easily integrate with those from Discovery Education. You’ll learn more efficient ways to find out what your students know so you can teach them what they need!

Spelunking for Resources - Free Tools from Discovery Education

When was the last time you paused before logging into Discovery Education? If you have, you've probably noticed that the homepage itself has access to a slew of content, contests, and tools for parents, students, and educators. Join us as we browse through some of the most sought after gems organized before you login to your DE account. From webinars to web 2.0 tools there's sure to be something here for you (and your colleagues).

10 Tips for Sparking Curiosity

Kids are naturally curious. Using this innate trait, let’s keep their curiosity piqued by teaching them how to find information, explore interests, and solve problems. Utilizing free resources available on the web, we’ll explore ten tips for sparking curiosity in the classroom. Educators will learn how to use free resources like agoogleaday to refine students' information literacy skills and Guess the Wordle to find the answers to challenging questions.

Literacy Instruction for Digital Learners

The advancement of digital media and social networking has transformed how we learn. It’s no different for our students, so how do we keep them engaged and ignite their passion for literacy in this media-rich world? This presentation provides examples of web-based tools and applications to support the fundamental building blocks of literacy instruction. From podcasting and digital storytelling to the creation of ebooks, educators are helping students more effectively consume and create content, with the ability of publishing for the whole world to read!

Discovery Education and the iPad: Learning Gone Mobile

Has your school begun implementing iPads in the classroom? Do you have a toolkit of strategies for maximizing student learning while capturing the instantaneous engagement these devices provide? During this session we will explore techniques for building a mobile learning toolkit powered by Discovery Education content. We’ll provide the latest updates for accessing via an iPad. And, we'll shift our focus from consuming content to creating content on the iPad.

What People Are Saying

"Kyle designs incredibly high quality professional development experiences for teachers. The sessions and activities are rigorous, relevant and they model best practices that are critical for improving instruction in the 21st century. This level of quality is rare and much needed."
Dr. Loge McCammon
NC State University
"Kyle is both a wonderful manager and speaker. As a team leader, I had the pleasure of working with him during the Discovery Education/ Siemens STEM Institute last summer and the whole experience was such a pleasure due to his great organizational talent, listening skills, and calm demeanor. Kyle’s speaking style is engaging, interactive and informative. Everything he presented was well-structured and allowed for feedback from participants as well as team leaders."
Donna Falk
Manalapan-Englishtown Regional School District, NJ

Types of Sessions He Delivers

  • Keynote/Featured Sessions
  • Concurrent Sessions

Topics He Covers

  • STEM and STEAM
  • Content Creation
  • Media and Instruction