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Brad Fountain


Brad is a passionate educator with over 20 years of educational experience. He began his career teaching in a 3-5 multi-age classroom in rural North Carolina where he utilized some of the earliest educational internet based web resources. He launched one of the first technology based professional develoment programs in North Carolina in the early 2000's. He served as administrator of the North Carolina Model School of Technology in 2003 where he moved the school to paperless workflow. Since joining Discovery he helped launch the Discovery Educator Network and served on the front lines during the development of Discovery Education's Techbook services. Always looking to continue to push the envelope he has worked with schools and school districts on utilizing the latest technology including tablets and iPads, connecting the latest brain research to the educational technology, professional development for administrators on using technology, and implementing 1-to-1 initiatives.
He is a dynamic speaker who draws his inspiration from his family including his wife, who is a classroom teacher, and two school-aged children Alexandra and Asher. He has presented and keynoted at conferences across the country including NCSTA, NCTies, ISTE, FETC, and NYSCATE. He currently works at Discovery as the Director of Instructional Implementation.

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Keynote Sessions


The iBrain and Education: A Terrible Thing to Waste

The increased use of media and technology by students at every age range is having a profound impact on the physical brain. Neural connections are being made that prior to now did not exist. What does this mean for teachers, students and parents? Is it possible for the digital immigrants in the teaching community to ever catch up? The difference in learning is significant. As students change, instruction must change to remain effective. Take a look backwards and then a leap forward to where we are headed in society and in education as we prepare for the challenges and opportunities the iBrain presents.

School Leadership in the Digital Age: What it Looks Like and How to Get There

New technology is changing student learning faster than ever before, but as an administrator how do I keep up, much less set and example for my school. From tablets to BYOD to digital textbooks we will explore what digital learning should look like and how administrators can set an environment for this new learning paradigm. We will include the latest research on why this works and how to address some of the challenges many schools face.

Concurrent Sessions

Students as Creators and Producers of Learning Content

If students could be taught using the skills and tools they have today, and teachers provided instruction that worked to meet the needs of the world tomorrow, what would it look like? This session will give a glimpse of what is taking place in far too few classrooms across the world today. Pulling examples from lessons using digital stories, Google Docs, Edmodo, and iPads, educators will get a glimpse of what education can look like. Integrating current technologies with instruction will provide increased student motivation, development and use of higher-order thinking skills, and better connectivity with the needs of the world today.

What's The Gist: Bridging Literacy and Digital Content

Promoting literacy in the classroom is no longer JUST the job of the reading teacher. The importance of developing the literate learner falls on all educators. Discovery Education has a plethora of resources and strategies for developing key literacy skills, and scientific literacy, in every student. Learn practical strategies for implementing literacy in your classroom using digital media that you can begin using tomorrow.

Essential iPad Apps for Administrators

I have an iPad, but how can I use it to improve my day to day activities. We will look at apps that can streamline administrative tasks including teacher evaluations, meetings, Common Core Instruction, and communication to name a few. It will be like you are being introduced to your iPad for the first time and you will leave with tools you can start using to improve your administrative life tomorrow.

Flip Don't Flop: Flipping Your Classroom without Landing on Your Head

Learn how to effectively flip your classroom using tools you already have in your classroom. Flipping allows teachers more 1 on 1 time with students, enhances the home school connection, allows students time to master concepts, and creates a collaborative environment in the classroom. So why isn't everyone doing it? If it's not done right it can flop big! Experience practical strategies to ensure you successfully flip your classroom and change the way you teach and your students learn.


What People Are Saying

"Brad's iPad session was the best session I attended at the 2013 NSTA."
Kate Salah
Sante Fe Schools
"Amazing, Engaging and Passionate!! Those are just the first few words that come to mind after listening to his presentation on Brain Research. My head is swimming with ideas and strategies to use. Thank you for enlighting me about how my students learn."
Amy Scott
4th Grade Teacher
LA Unified Schools

Types of Sessions He Delivers

  • Keynote/Featured Sessions
  • Concurrent Sessions

Topics He Covers

  • 21st Century Leadership
  • Content Creation
  • Media and Instruction
  • Social Media and the Web