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Frank Florence


Frank has served in senior leadership positions across a number of the top innovators in the education, software, and technology sectors. A frequent speaker on analytics and the promise of technology in schools, his observations are built through his unique experiences working closely with school leaders, technology visionaries, ministers of education, and venture philanthropists from around the world. He has framed up a unique view on the potential uplift offered through looking at new ways of creating teaching and learning.

In his work Frank has supported students, teachers, principals, superintendents, deans, and provosts in more than 25 countries around the world. He brings a unique blend of insight, perspective and wit to the challenges of modern day education, and reform. As early as 2010 he identified and analyzed our top district success stories for digital conversions, and is a frequent speaker on best practices districts use to generate transformational change in teaching. His talks focus on specific steps districts should consider in planning large scale program changes. He brings in case study examples to prove points - in other areas, he leaves the audience with questions to consider. Throughout, Frank engages the audience, leaves them with new ideas, and gets them to think.

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Keynote Sessions


What Does “Next Generation Learning” Really Look Like?

Everyone talks about the dream of “nexgen learning” — but what is it? As society has transitioned into the Information Age, our schools and instructional practices need to evolve as well. How can we leverage available and now affordable technologies to create the digital learning environments that will prepare our students for the world of tomorrow? And how does this mesh with the student-centric view of personalized learning? Finally, and importantly, what are the implications for teachers, parents, students, and other critical stakeholders? Through vibrant examples from school systems around the country, participants will answer these questions and more as they uncover what next generation learning really looks like.

The Five Steps to a Successful Digital Conversion

The first order digital conversions in USA K-12 are now 5-6 years old. What’s happened since, and how do we scale for success? The road to a successful digital conversion can be full of twists and turns, and around each corner is a new set of questions. How do I get started? How do I build consensus among stakeholders? How do I help teachers evolve their classroom practice and fully leverage new tools and resources? During this interactive presentation participants will discuss a few case studies with both good and poor results, and examine the implications — many of which revolve around leadership. As hardware and networking costs continue to drop and digital content options proliferate, the question is no longer if your district should make the digital conversion, but how. This talk takes attendees through the five key elements of successful conversions, drills into sub-specifics, and serves up a roadmap for success.

Why PD, Why Now?

For years, teacher professional development has been on the back burner in the education conversation. With all the talk about changing instructional methods, pedagogy, digital conversions — what about the teacher? As new educational technologies are flowing into classrooms nationwide, how are we helping teachers use them to build dynamic digital learning environments? Outdated “train-the-trainer” professional development models seem ill-equipped to effectively scale what we now know is good instructional practice. This talk first looks at the history of professional development, how it has evolved, what is shaping it today, then outlines a new direction for developing and delivering professional learning. We are changing education today, but if we don't change professional development, and increase our focus on helping the teacher, will we be successful?


What People Are Saying

"One of the top speakers I’ve heard in Edtech…Frank “gets” why, but more importantly – how, schools can & should progress toward digital teaching & learning…"

Mark Edwards
Superintendent, Mooresville Graded School District

"Frank blends a comprehensive understanding of technology, business and learning in his discussions…consistently one of our most requested speakers."

Paul Dulle
President & CEO
Education Research & Development Institute

"With all the noise in K-12 education today, Frank cuts right through the clutter & emphasizes what schools can do to truly transform teaching & learning."

Charlie Kanavel
CEO, Kanavel Group
Former CTO, Campbell Unified School District

Types of Sessions He Delivers

  • Keynote/Featured Sessions

Topics He Covers

  • 21st Century Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Digital Transformation