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Tap into your potential with Discovery Education's Speakers Bureau. Work with our team of keynote speakers and workshop leaders to identify, encourage, and promote the most effective use of technology in the classroom.
Justin Karkow


Justin began his career in a first grade classroom in North Carolina where he then modeled and supported the effective use of technology as an instructional technology facilitator for Wake County. Justin joined Discovery in 2008 to support and grow Discovery Education’s Discovery Educator Network (DEN). In his current role of Director of Professional Development, he has designed and implemented Professional Development support for schools, districts, states, and higher education institutions both in the US and internationally. His most recent work has included multifaceted plans of support around Digital Conversion, STEM, Race to the Top, student/Teacher/administrator assessment, supporting literacy with digital media and the Common Core.
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Keynote Sessions


Go Ahead, Push the Button!

Educator and student access to digital tools has never been greater. In the middle of a landslide of resources and new strategies to engage students, the need for focus is critical. In this session, we'll explore the multimedia minded student's basic needs and discover buttons that are right under our noses that we can push to help them be fully engaged. Using real examples from multiple subject areas and grade levels, we'll explore the benefits of using content from Discovery Education in partnership with web 2.0 tools, mobile apps and research based high yield strategies. From "SEARCH?" to "PLAY!" to "PAUSE…" to "SHARE>", we'll zoom in on practical strategies that can be utilized daily that will help create a media rich environment…and will keep your students from pressing YOUR buttons!

Concurrent Sessions


Once Upon a Digital Integration: Practical Stories from Successful Schools

This session is designed to support educational leaders in their professional development and systems improvement efforts to dramatically improve student engagement and performance. We'll provide practical advice and insights that illustrate what the best research in professional development looks like when it’s transferred to practice. Important lessons from model schools and highly-effective school leaders will illustrate the critical levers for conducting professional development that connects the best pedagogical practices with digital media, technologies, and resources to support improved teacher performance and student achievement. This session will also highlight specific examples of how digital media supports Common Core Instruction in South Carolina.

Can I Help You With That? The Student as Collaborator, Creator and Director

The landscape of education is changing and teachers are being asked to do more with less, or so they think. Your students have been and will continue to be your best helpers when it comes to planning, teaching and assessing learning, and they are ready and willing to help you make your classroom more collaborative, engaging and efficient! Learn how you can use digital media, technology, your state standards and the authentic task to engage your students and move them from the best seat in the house to the director's chair.


What People Are Saying

"Justin is one of those folks that you want to be associated with. His leadership abilities and enthusiasm are traits that I want to rub off on me! He is a true inspiration and advocate for digital education. He is one of those few people that truly get what 21st century education is all about."
Scott S. Smith
Ed.D., Chief Technology Officer
Mooresville Graded School District
"Justin is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to relate and identify with his audience; his use of humor and encouragement is engaging and motivating to any teacher. I learn something new every time I go to one of Justin's sessions."
Melinda Tilley
Technology Integration Specialist
Southeast Kansas Education Service Center(Greenbush)

Types of Sessions He Delivers

  • Keynote/Featured Sessions
  • Concurrent Sessions

Topics He Covers

  • Professional Learning
  • Content Creationg
  • Media and Instruction