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Matt Monjan


Matt Monjan has blended technology and education for more than 15 years in the worlds of both business and K-12 education. Prior to joining the Discovery Education team in 2004, Matt designed, developed, and implemented adult education and certification programs for two of the largest trade associations in the country. At Discovery, Matt has worked with classroom teachers on the nuts and bolts of implementing technology and with administrators on using data management to develop effective strategies for technology integration. He has pioneered innovative educational uses of technologies such as closed captioning. He is based in Discovery Education's World Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland and is currently the Vice President of Educational Partnerships. Matt speaks across the United States and Canada. He has been featured and keynote speaker at local, state, and regional conferences including CUE, eTech Ohio, FETC, MASSCUE, MSET, PETE&C, and VSTE.

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Keynote Sessions


Consumer to Creator - The Student as Both the Learner and the Teacher

Not only do today’s students want to be engaged through technology, media, and conversations at the same time, they also want to instantly share their own content, ideas, and creativity with their peers and, in fact, the world. Our students have progressed beyond consumers of content to become producers and publishers. How do we, as educators, teach to someone who is technically proficient, and social media-minded? During this session we’ll explore different avenues in which the traditional model of learning is replaced with a challenge that requires students to draw on prior learning, acquire new knowledge, and tap their creativity to fashion solutions. Participants will leave with nine free tools that they can implement the very next day and one story that will inspire them.

Concurrent Sessions

A Tangled Web of Content Untangled for Educators/Web 2.0 for Administrators

There has never been more award-winning and innovative content on the Web to use in the classroom. How does a teacher cull through the sites for the best materials? During this session we’ll explore the web to find safe source material and interactive web 2.0 sites that you can use to engage your students. We'll also examine different ways in which you can marry this new found content together with the content you already have access to within Discovery Education streaming.

Differentiating your Instruction with Discovery Education's Digital Media

Come explore how you can use Discovery Education’s video, imagery, sounds, and more to reach different learners and deliver that “a-ha!” moment. We'll examine how interactive media can be used to easily customize lessons that allow students to process information through multiple modalities.

a. Participants will develop a broader understanding of how to integrate engaging digital content into their classrooms.

b. Participants will examine how one type of digital media (song, image, video) can be used to engage multiple types of intelligences (kinesthetic, auditory, and visual).

c. Participants will leave with an understanding that differentiated instruction does not mean that teachers have to create a different lesson plan for each learner but rather one lesson that reaches multiple learners at the same time.

Opening Up Closed Captioning: CC Tricks for Both Macs and PCs and iPads!

Closed captioning provides a critical link to news, entertainment, and information for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. For individuals whose native language is not English, English language captions improve comprehension and fluency. Captions can also help improve literacy skills. During the session will explore the many ways in which you can use Close Captioning in the classroom. We’ll even create our own CC template so that we can make any video close captioned!

50 New Ways to Use Discovery Education Streaming

Playing video segments is one of the many ways you can use Discovery Education streaming. But did you know that you could also access an Interactive Atlas, STEM Connect, Theme Pages, 1,0000+ songs, 28,000+ images, and more? During this session we'll review the things that you can use beyond video. We'll also explore the new student center and classroom manager. Learn how to integrate DE streaming in new, exciting ways to reach your 21st century student.
Objective: Participants will leave with an understanding of the new enhancements made to the Discovery Education's streaming site.

 Digital Storytelling 2.0

Did you know that you and your students could make and edit movies just like the pros without an expensive editing bay or leaving your classroom? Join us as we explore just how easy it is to import media, edit projects, and create movies with Discovery Education STREAMING media, and web 2.0 tools. Come see and learn media creation in a whole new way.

When is Audio More Than Audio? Using Discovery Education audio and close captioned media within your curriculum

During this session we’ll examine different types of Discovery Education songs, sound effects, speeches and primary source material and learn how they can be incorporated into reading and writing lesson plans. We’ll also explore how this content, when combined with free web 2.0 tools and current office software, can be used to reach different types of learners.

Reaching the 100%

Using Glasser's retention framework we'll explore how we can use digital media to reach students and differentiate our instruction. We'll examine different examples from around the country. We'll learn how we can tweak tried-and-true instructional practices to engage all of our students — students who want to both access and create content in a myriad of ways.


What People Are Saying

"Thank you for facilitating the Discovery Education streaming workshop to the NCEMC members. Your knowledge of the product, your ability to navigate it effortlessly, as well as your enthusiasm and gift of connecting with those you are presenting to are great assets to your company. My teachers and librarians were truly inspired; many of them commented that they have used the product for years and had no idea of its capabilities. Thank you again for your time and talent, I look forward to working with you again."
Roni Staimpel
North Coast EMC, OH
"Matt Monjan always leads thoughtful, well-organized, and informative presentations. His encouragement, sense of humor, and expertise helps to bring out the "techie" in even the most reluctant of users."
Stevie Kline
M.Ed, Technology Integrator/Teacher Trainer
Intermediate Unit 1, PA

Types of Sessions He Delivers

  • Keynote/Featured Sessions
  • Concurrent Sessions

Topics He Covers

  • 21st Century Leadership
  • The Transition to Digital
  • Common Core
  • Assessment
  • Professional Learning