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Max Brooks


Max is a life-long learner-sharer who pulls inspiration from all things 'techucational' robotics, digital media creation, and proving what learners know with eportfolios. He started his career in education as a middle school teacher in Washington, DC. A few years later, before transitioning to the role of SmartLab Facilitator, he wore many hats including the department coordinator for World Language and Fine Arts. Both the President of the United States and the Secretary of Education have visited his lab to witness authentic, student-directed learning in action. In all of these various roles, Max gained experience as a national trainer and presenter.
Since he joined Discovery Education in 2011, he has often reached back to his roots as a classroom educator, department coordinator, and technology facilitator to assist him in working with schools and districts to support their teaching and learning initiatives. Max has continued to speak at conferences and present at workshops around the country and in Canada. The “print-to-digital” transition is full of challenging opportunities. As a regional manager with Discovery Education, an organization committed to providing the best digital resources for curriculum, instruction, and assessment, Max has the privilege of helping administrators, teachers, and students overcome these challenges.

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Keynote Sessions


Show & Tell: It’s Not Just for 2nd Grade

“Show & Tell” used to be viewed as just a fun activity for elementary students. However, with so many new digital tools available, Show & Tell has a much broader purpose. It is now an integral part of everyday life. Inside AND outside of the classroom, students and teachers have ways to express their personal curiosity, interests and abilities like never before. Let’s explore some of the ways these new tools and resources are impacting teaching and learning in the digital age.

Concurrent Sessions


Countdown to Student Success: 10 Ways to Engage

Did you know that if you have Discovery Education STREAMING, you also have access to STEM lesson plans, college/career resources, an interactive atlas, dynamic calendar, thousands of quiz questions, images, speeches, sound effects, and audiobooks? This fast- pasted, energizing, hands-on session will open your eyes to the possibilities of digital media and Discovery Education in the classroom.

Making STEAM with Robotics TEAMS

Project based learning is a powerful strategy that gives students an opportunity to chart their own course by answering in-depth questions that drive investigation and support topic research, team building, and presentation/public speaking. In this session, learn more about the project based learning planning and process through robotics and find out how Discovery Education can support students in their investigations. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of project based learning and tools and ideas for implementing immersive experiences that ignite students' curiosity.

IDK to Erudition: Supporting English Language Learners with Discovery Education

With diverse classroom populations, your ability to differentiate feels more important than ever. In this session, explore Discovery Education through the lens of Language Learners and see how digital media and technology can help students from all backgrounds successfully navigate the social landscape and achieve in the classroom.

Oh, Discovery Education! How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Can you think of 100+ ways to love the multitude of video, audio, image, text, and STEM resources from Discovery Education STREAMING? Come to this session to explore a cornucopia of creative integration strategies for using Discovery Education media to support Common Core implementation inside and outside of the classroom. Also, (Re?)introduce yourself to an amazing network of like-minded educators focused on transforming traditional teaching and learning practices!


What People Are Saying

"A star speaker Max Brooks really gave some insight and depth to what's happening within the education realm.  He really got the audience thinking."
Janice Pearl

Types of Sessions He Delivers

  • Keynote/Featured Sessions
  • Concurrent Sessions

Topics He Covers

  • STEM and STEAM
  • Media and Instruction
  • Content Creation