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Mike Bryant started his career heading up YMCA after-school and summer camp programs in South Carolina, developing the "Teen Connection" program for middle-school students. Mike then taught high school science and ran Levy County's 21st Century Community Learning Centers for middle school students. Mike left the classroom to become a part of the Discovery Educator Network team, designing and delivering unique professional development experiences across the country and around the world. These full-day, after school and/or virtual events empower educators to use proven instructional strategies with current technology and media; enriching lessons with authentic intellectual tasks. Most recently, Mike has partnered with districts on a paradigm shift in instruction; moving from traditional textbooks to a digital textbook. This shift allows for educators to meet the needs of the individual student, partnering with them for life-long learning.

He is currently Director of Education Consultants at Discovery Education.

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Concurrent Sessions


The Educators' Guide to Digital Textbooks

How do you define what a digital textbook is? Is it simply a copy of a book online or are there other criteria that should define it? In this session, we'll work to define a digital textbook and then look to the more important question of how you implement a digital textbook in the classroom. We'll share what we've learned from our work with educators from around the world that have made the shift to digital textbooks.

The 1:Many Story of Digtial Education

There are many classrooms that do not yet have a digital device for every student or a device for every three, four or five students. What are practical strategies for a 1:many classroom? In this session we'll focus in on the implementation of digital resources into a classroom with limited access to technology.

Inquiry with Simple Science Questions That Aren't So Simple

Einstein puts it brilliantly when he said, "Never lose a holy curiosity." We must not only hook students by tapping into their curiosity, but also scaffold science inquiry through the purposeful design of lessons. Join us as we look at five, seemingly simply science questions that allow us to hook students and allow them to develop their questioning skill sets.


Types of Sessions He Delivers

  • Concurrent Sessions

Topics He Covers

  • 21st Century Leadership
  • The Transition to Digital
  • Media and Instruction