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Timely Content

Each month we’ll be highlighting key Discovery Education resources, lesson starters, webinars and live events thematically tied to special events, celebrations, or commemorations that you may be teaching in your classrooms. Check back on this page regularly as we will be updating throughout the year. Don't forget to explore our archive from 2015-16 packed with ideas for you to use all year long.

2016-17 Timely and Thematic Content Ideas


This September we bring you two virtual experiences. We will be live from the Fablevision studios to celebrate International Dot Day. And, to celebrate Constitution Day we will be visiting the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Register your classrooms below.

Virtual Experience: International Dot Day

On-Demand Event
#CelebrateWithDE and Fablevision this International Dot Day. Join us for this on-demand virtual experience to find out more about the book, The Dot and discuss with your students how they can make their mark on the world. You can learn more about Dot Day here.

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Virtual Experience: Constitution Day

On-Demand Event
Take your students on this exclusive virtual field trip as we journey back in time to 1789 to understand the men who gathered that hot summer in Philadelphia to form our enduring democracy.

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Instructional Suggestion: Labor Day

Celebrate the achievements of workers throughout history with resources and ideas for exploring Labor Day. Established as a national holiday in 1894, Labor Day recognizes workers and the labor movement. Today, the holiday is marked with parades, news stories, and personal celebrations on the first Monday in September.

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Explore our instructional suggestions for celebrating World Space Week, Halloween, and Red Ribbon Week below. Additionally, don't miss our virtual field trip in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Agency as well as a chat with Trish Glowacki, creator of Warning, Take Only As Directed. And, if your class is following the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, we have baseball themed resources for literacy, science, math and more.

Instructional Suggestion: Halloween

Halloween evolved from ancient Celtic traditions and beliefs, many of which are still preserved today through traditional Halloween celebrations. From exploring the origins of Halloween to the spookiest tales from the masters of horror, students will scream for these Discovery Education resources.

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Instructional Suggestion: Red Ribbon Week

A week dedicated to educating youth and encouraging participation in drug prevention activities, the Red Ribbon Campaign is October 23-31, 2016. Discovery Education has modern resources to raise awareness of the impact of drugs and alcohol and to empower students to make positive choices. Please preview resources before sharing in class.

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World Space Week

Instructional Suggestion: World Space Week

World Space Week, celebrated annually October 4 - 10, is an international celebration of science and technology. Explore the Discovery Education resources below and introduce your students to the wonder of space exploration. You can also watch the on-demand archive of our Generation Beyond Virtual Field Trip to learn more about deep space exploration.

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As election day and the conclusion of the presidential race draws closer, Discovery Education will host an election day virtual viewing party providing a great opportunity to discuss the election and democracy with your students. Later in the month we will return to Churchill, MB during the annual polar bear migration to learn more about the environment they live in. We'll also be sharing content around Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Native American History Month, 100th Anniversary of the End of the Battle of the Somme and more.

Virtual Experience: Election Day Virtual Viewing Party

This election day, #CelebrateWithDE as classrooms across the country came together for a Virtual Viewing Party. Continue the discussion about the history of the United States’ democratic process and find resources to explore how the President is elected, the Electoral College and more.

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Instructional Suggestion: Thanksgiving

Most Americans are familiar with the traditions of Thanksgiving. In fact, beyond the earliest grades, many students can recite the story of the Pilgrims and could create a shopping list for a Thanksgiving dinner. So, use our Thanksgiving Content Collection to help your students build a solid understanding of the holiday, and then use the resources below to take a fresh look at some of our Thanksgiving lore.

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Virtual Experience: Tundra Connection

Since 2010 Discovery Education has teamed up with Polar Bears International to bring students a series of webcasts from Churchill, Manitoba to learn about polar bears and their environment during the annual polar bear migration in Churchill. Find out about these extraordinary animals and learn more about the careers open to you on the tundra.

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In December, we will host a virtual viewing party in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day on December 7. Then, we will look at a variety of events and holidays, including Winter Solstice as well as review the Electoral College ahead of the vote on December 19th.

Virtual Experience: Pearl Harbor Day

Join Discovery Education in remembrance of the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Together, students across the country will gather to watch President Franklin D. Roosevelt's speech to Congress at the exact moment the first bomb struck 75 years ago.

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Instructional Suggestion: World Soil Day

World Soil Day, celebrated annually on December 5, is a global day to raise awareness of the importance of soil as a critical component of our ecosystem. Help students understand the importance of soil and discover career opportunities in soil science with these resources.

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Instructional Suggestion: Winter Holidays

Holidays unite people around ideas, beliefs, and customs. As schools and classrooms prepare for winter break, many students will celebrate holidays. Explore these Discovery Education resources to learn more about winter holidays around the world and check out some fresh takes on familiar traditions.

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In January we will celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as explore the White House transition with our inauguration virtual experience.

Virtual Experience: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Help your students remember the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. while connecting to other classrooms around the world.

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Virtual Experience: Inauguration Day

In preparation of the inauguration, help your students better understand the history and process behind a White House transition through this interactive experience.

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Instructional Suggestion: Chinese New Year

Use these Discovery Education resources to discover many of the customs, symbols, and traditions of Chinese New Year celebrations.

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In addition to our Presidents Day virtual viewing party, we will share content to support your teaching of Black History Month and Inventors and Inventions Month as well as National Freedom Day, Super Bowl LI, and Valentines Day.

Virtual Experience: Presidents Day

In celebration of the great leaders of our nation, join us for an interactive experience looking at the contributions of two of America’s greatest presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

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Instructional Suggestion: Black History Month

Use these Discovery Education resources to celebrate the achievements and contributions of black Americans and honors the journey of African Americans in United States history.

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Instructional Suggestion: Valentine's Day

Looking for something sweet to do with your classes on Valentine’s Day? Check out these Discovery Education resources to engage students and try some of our featured activities to help them celebrate.

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March will see us explore some of the math around Pi with our Pi Day virtual experience as well as share content around Read Across America Day, Women's History Month, St. Patrick's Day, World Wildlife Day, and the first day of spring.

Virtual Party: Pi Day

On March 14th, celebrate this intriguing mathematical constant with a virtual party. Discover instructional resources, programs, tools, and activities that explore the history of Pi and it's applications in everyday life.

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Instructional Suggestion: Read Across America

Discovery Education joins teachers, students, parents, and communities in celebrating reading and instilling a love for literature at all ages with on-demand events, literature series and resources.

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Instructional Suggestion: St Patrick's Day

On March 17, the feast of St. Patrick celebrates Ireland’s patron saint, but the many Irish who emigrated to other countries have helped make St. Patrick’s Day a secular holiday celebrating all things Irish. In this Lively Lesson, students create illuminated letters that represent St. Patrick.

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In April we will host an Earth Day Virtual Viewing Party as well as share instructional suggestions around National Poetry Month, Shakespeare's Birthday, as well as celebrating the International Day for Monuments and Sites.

Virtual Experience: Earth Day

#CelebrateWithDE and explore the history of Earth Day with this virtual viewing party exploring the importance of Earth Day and how we can protect the environment in our local communities.

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National Library Week

To celebrate National Library Week, we curated some of the best reading resources from Discovery Education, from a review of reading strategies to audio books of classic literature. Use these resources as starting points for celebrating reading and, then, be sure to visit your library and thank a librarian/media specialist.

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Instructional Suggestion: Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was an incredibly creative thinker, making him an inspiration for students interested in a variety of topics from physics to sculpture. Celebrate his birthday on April 15th by encouraging kids to dive into his theories, schematics, and inventions.

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During May we will host a virtual field trip in partnership with the Jr. NBA exploring how math is brought to life through careers in basketball. We will also feature content for Space Day, Cinco de Mayo, International Museum Day, and the 75th anniversary of Amelia Earhart's first solo transatlantic flight.

Careers that Count: A Virtual Field Trip with the NBA

Premiering May 4 (On-Demand)

Join Discovery Education and Jr. NBA for a virtual field trip to the NBA headquarters, Madison Square Garden, and Madison Square Boys & Girls Club in New York for an inside look at how math is brought to life through careers in basketball. Meet NBA basketball players and staff who use math every day to improve the game both on and off the court.

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