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Supporting Common Core State Standards

We understand that implementing the CCSS in your district is a long-term commitment that must address how you best support the three fundamental components of educational practice:

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  • Curriculum: Where can we find quality content and curriculum expertise that enables teachers to meet the demands of the CCSS?

  • Classroom Instruction: How can we support teachers as they shift their instructional practice to meet the demands of the CCSS?

  • Assessment: How can we assess, measure, and demonstrate student growth and performance based on the new standards? How do we make instructional and content decisions based on those assessments?
Discovery Education is uniquely positioned to help you effectively implement Common Core in all three of these arenas by offering an integrated, digital solution for the CCSS that addresses curriculum, instruction and assessment. Our solutions provide actionable, practical applications that help educators meet the demands of the CCSS while simultaneously building student motivation to learn.


We provide high-quality, engaging, digital content, coupled with curriculum expertise, to help students develop the critical skills specified by the CCSS.
  • Our digital Discovery Education Techbook™ digital textbook and Discovery Education Streaming content support the rigor of the CCSS, and concurrently engage students and inspire them to achieve.  
  • Our digital content supports the development of numeracy and literacy skills as delineated in the CCSS.
  • Our Discovery Education cadre of curriculum experts provides curriculum services that align district instructional resources to support the scope and sequence associated with implementing the CCSS, including the creation of performance tasks and model lessons.


We provide actionable professional development that supports your educational system as you shift your instructional practice to meet the demands of the CCSS.
  • Discovery Education’s long history of expertise and experience in working with district partners has been proven to successfully effect system change.
  • Our comprehensive professional learning solution not only incorporates foundational knowledge, but also explicitly links that knowledge to classroom instruction with practical applications that effectively support teachers.
  • We engage the entire educational community and are able to implement targeted outreach and communication strategies to meet the needs of administrators, teachers, parents, community members, school board members, and students.


We are the only assessment service that offers direct access to multimodal instructional content for intervention, continual growth, and enrichment for all students.
  • Our assessment services provide research-based, valid, and authentic measures of the CCSS.
  • Our assessment offerings feature test items, performance tasks, and digital tools that measure the higher-order thinking skills and increased depth of knowledge promoted by the CCSS.
  • We provide the ability to monitor student growth and performance in English Language Arts, Math, and Science for kindergarten through high school to promote students' college and career readiness.
  • Our assessments offer educators content recommendations to address personalized needs and offer individualized instruction.

Implementing the CCSS is a long term process and Discovery Education is partnering with districts, small and large, to support this critical transformation.

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