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5 Reasons Teachers Love the New DE

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Last year presented a whole new perspective on teaching and learning—and with it an urgent need to address challenges both new and persisting.

There is a universe of content out there that teachers and schools can use to support learning, but it varies greatly in quality, reliability, searchability, or usability. Educators must juggle so many resources and tools, pulling focus away from instruction and their students. No matter what the subject or how students learn, teachers could benefit from having one source for vetted, attention-grabbing content and reliable tools to design interactive learning experiences that spark curiosity and give all learners their “light bulb” moment.

We’re helping our educators conquer these challenges while also making their experience in the DE platform as friendly and useful as possible. See how we’re stepping up our game with these five features that simplify the daily life of a teacher right away.

1. No More Memorizing Logins

It’s a challenge keeping up with our own passwords, never mind students memorizing theirs. We integrate with the most widely used SSO and learning management systems, so logging in as an educator or student is a breeze. Get started by logging in through our website or your district-specific URL. Not sure how? No problem! Now you can simply search by your school and we’ll guide you the rest of the way.

For students, you can also generate QR sign-in codes for them to sign in quickly, easily, and securely.

2. Pump Up the Personalization

Every educator’s DE homepage is their own hub for content, tools, and support, giving them a personalized experience based on their grade levels, subjects, and interests. Every month we add hundreds of new content resources specially curated for educators to answer the need for timely, relevant teaching opportunities. We’ll start you off with a collection of our most popular channels, then a special recommendation row where we showcase our best content relevant to you. Additionally, the My Channels section houses your own collection of favorite curated content.

Learn more about how DE can serve as your daily learning platform. Check out our live and on-demand events or explore 30 Ways to DE!

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3. Lots of Ways to Find What YOU Need

Improved search capabilities and a fresh, new design make it easier than ever to find the content you need for tomorrow’s lesson. Students and educators can search, find, and preview the content they need right when they need it and follow the path to related materials and instructional support.

Use the keyword search to dive right into our treasury of 200,000+ videos, Virtual Field Trips, text-based passages, interactives, audio, podcasts, and images that span all grades, subjects, and critical topics of today. Filter your results by grade level or resource type, collections or ready-to-use activities, as well as by language and literacy options and other support features like closed captioning and translations.

4. Easier Than Ever to Save Your Favorite Content

Once you find the right content for your lesson, you’ll want to save it! When searching and lesson planning, add resources to your QuickList to review later. There you can compare many pieces of content and, once you select the ones you want to use right away, add it to My Content where you can organize resources and daily lessons from class to class, year to year. Then you can assign to your students, add it to a lesson, or share out with your fellow educators.

And, if you’re ready to jump back to that resource you found yesterday (but forgot to save), you can find it in the Recently Viewed row for easy access!

5. A Daily Platform That Plays Well with Others

Teachers and IT staff can break away from the frustration that comes with trying to navigate and sync their digital resources. DE provides one secure platform that seamlessly integrates with your other edtech tools and learning management systems. We’re also friends with Google and Microsoft, so you can share DE resources in assignments, questions, announcements, and materials within Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams.

We hope you’ll take the time to check out some of these popular platform enhancements and stay tuned for more articles that dive deeper into the best of what Discovery Education offers.