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This Month at DE: April

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Spring into April with new content from Discovery Education! Hundreds of engaging, fresh learning resources have been added to our ever-expanding digital library and we’re so excited to share these updates with you.

We want to give back to our beautiful planet by commemorating Earth Day all month long. Read on for content highlights that engage students in the magic of our Earth, Sea, and Sky!

51 Ways to Earth Day

All Grade Bands

Explore this collection of 51 engaging resources for students, educators, and families! 51 Ways to Earth Day Channel includes live events, videos, challenges, Virtual Field Trips, and fun family activities from our robust collection of Earth Day content, and features many of our trusted partners. Every action—big or small—helps to make a difference.

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Fishtronaut: The Case of the Oily Rainbow

Grades K-2

Have younger students join Fishtronaut and Rosybarb as they plant an underwater garden! In this episode, Fishtronaut notices an unusual rainbow on the lake before solving the case and cleaning up the spill. Available in both English and Spanish.

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Farming to the Future: People + Planet + Community Virtual Field Trip

Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8

If you missed our March 4 Virtual Field Trip with Undeniably Dairy, it’s now available on-demand! Take students on a journey across the U.S. to meet a dairy farmer, sports nutritionist, environmental scientist, and celebrity chef Carla Hall to learn about sustainable nutrition and how we can all work together to create future-forward solutions.

Bonus: Amp up engagement with activities found in the Farming to the Future Virtual Field Trip Family Guide.

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Is Making Fuel from Corn a Good Idea?

Grades 3-5, 6-8

Watch this original Discovery Education video that explains the five steps to turning corn into ethanol, while debating the pros and cons of using corn as a source of renewable fuel.

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Make the most of April with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

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All About Polar Bears: WWF Wild Classroom

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Teach students about polar bear adaptations and how they survive the harsh Arctic conditions with this video from World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Learn about threats to polar bear populations such as loss of sea ice habitat, pollution in the environment, and direct impacts from industrial development.

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Marine Science 101: Types of Sea Turtles

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Dive into the deep with exciting new videos from the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Good for nearly all grade levels, this one gives a brief overview of sea turtles and their behaviors.

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The Aquarium: Toddler Sea Lion Scarlett

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Join Animal Planet and witness the adventures of the Georgia Aquarium staff as they face the daily joys and challenges of working with marine animals. Meet a young sea lion named Scarlett, an elderly sea otter named Oz, a coral named Baby Groot, and follow Zora the African penguin as she makes her debut in the Georgia Aquarium atrium.

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Faces of Technology: Women of NASA

Grades 6-8, 9-12

From robotics engineers to Earth scientists and cryogenic researchers, meet some of NASA’S incredible team members working to expand our thinking and explore new frontiers beyond our atmosphere.

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Ignite My Future, Master Class Series: The Power of Global Collaboration

For Educators

The Ignite My Future Master Class series takes educators on a journey across three North American countries to see what computational thinking looks like in action. You’ll discover the basics of computational thinking and how to progress into the aspirational goal of global collaboration. The videos in this collection can be used by individual teachers and/or incorporated into group professional development activities.

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We hope you enjoy these new resources and be sure to join us here next month as we dive into May’s theme: Summer Adventure!