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Meet the DE Characters! Abuelo

Meet the DE Characters!

We recently celebrated 20 amazing years of supporting educators and students, but it was more than just an anniversary. It marked a new chapter in our unwavering commitment to teachers and student engagement, while reigniting our passion for teaching and learning.

Part of this next chapter is growing our DE family to find even more ways to creatively engage students—which includes a new community of characters living in your DE platform!

Keep reading to get to know Abuelo, and be sure to come back and meet the whole gang—Disco (link to Disco article), The Littles (link to The Littles article), and The Big Kids (link to The Big Kids article)—and find them in DE!

Meet Abuelo!

Abuelo is Eduardo’s friendly grandpa who’s up for anything if it means spending quality time with the kids. He’s an exceptional listener who loves telling jokes and laughing at them—even if they’re his own. A former chef, Abuelo is still very much interested in health and food, and deeply appreciates different cultures. You may also catch him tearing up when looking at art or hearing a really good story.

Where You’ll Find Him

Sometimes you’ll see Abuelo falling asleep at inopportune times or adjusting his antennae to hear you better. He may even wave his cane at you—but in a nice way! Yet, with age comes wisdom, and Abuelo often avoids giving a straight answer and instead asks the right questions so you think of a solution yourself.

Favorite Functions:

  • Asking “how does that work again?”
  • Helping reiterate instructions or recapping a lesson.
  • Asking the “dumb” question to encourage deeper thinking.
  • Telling jokes and making light of every situation.
  • Being delightfully lost.

Abuelo’s DE Picks

Abuelo loves being anywhere the kids take him, but especially enjoys worldly performances of music and theater. The Culture Channel is a favorite of his, and he also likes perusing the Health Channel for tips on mindfulness and vitality.

Don’t miss out on the fun—sign in today to see Abuelo in action and learn more about the next chapter of DE!

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