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Create & Collaborate with Engaging Activities in Studio

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Whether you’re new to DE or have been an avid user for years, there’s never been a better time to make Studio part of your daily lesson strategy.

You know those classic three-panel poster boards? Well, we’ve taken that concept and supercharged it with Studio, our flexible collaboration and presentation tool. Think of it as your new creative outlet for those activities you’ve always wanted to try.

Get started right away with one of our many Activity Templates based on our SOS Instructional Strategies—designed for educators, by educators—then build a Studio Board or Slideshow from there. These Activity Templates provide the perfect jumping-off point to quickly build and even help illuminate new ways to blend seemingly unrelated topics, like STEM and art or SEL and science.

If you’ve got a creative itch, design your own Studio Board or Slideshow built with your content of choice. Add headlines, text, buttons, DE resources, or upload your own digital content to create engaging daily lessons. Once you’re ready, assign your Board or Slideshow as a self-paced, individual assignment or share it and collaborate with students in real time. And don’t forget our embedded literacy support! Our integration with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader allows students to have text read aloud, translated, and to access a line focus tool for additional reading help.

Students also get a chance to shine by designing their own Boards or Slideshows. Let them play around in Studio and give them the opportunity to share and present their knowledge in creative ways using appropriate, DE-vetted resources or their own original, uploaded content.

Best of all, everyone can safely collaborate in real time right in Studio to encourage lively discussion and unleash creativity—no matter where the classroom is.

Learn more about how DE can serve as your daily learning platform. Check out our live and on-demand events or explore 30 Ways to DE!

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