December Partner Spotlight
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December 2021 Partner Spotlight

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Each month we take time to showcase a few of the amazing partners that we work with to develop high-quality content that inspires students. Take a moment to help us celebrate these partnerships, check out some of their new resources, and learn more about the incredible things they do!

And don’t forget to check out more content in our This Month at DE: December article.


Our new and growing collection of inspirational art showcases visionaries who are at the heart of some of the most important movements of our time. These changemakers draw connections to ELA and can be utilized as instructional activities to demonstrate the social fabric of America.

Share the Amplifier Channel with your students.

Freeport McMoRan

Impact students’ lives by sharing career profiles of data scientists, mill mechanics, metallurgists and take a Virtual Field Trip. Together, with Freeport McMoRan, we bring content that will empower your students to tackle and solve issues in STEM by seeing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in action.

Explore Dig into Mining.


Lasting impressions of inspiration are found in this new series that showcases women entrepreneurs whose heroic stories unfolded  amidst challenging times. These fascinating stories can be found on the Celebrating Black History Channel and portray collective strength and resilience. 

Meet Simi Abebajo.

Keep students going strong with timely content, tools and events. View more of our featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

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Sea Studio Foundation

Together with Sea Studio Foundation, we aim to provision the STEM culture in the classroom by equipping the next generation with that show how to create and protect a healthy and stable future for all humanity. Accelerate learning by accompanying these researchers along their journey of discovery.

Discover new pieces by Sea Studio Foundation.

USC Shoah Foundation

Hearing first-hand interviews of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides helps viewers understand the world as broadly as possible by addressing humanistic problems. These powerful narratives and innovative assets will build empathy, broaden perspectives, and overcome hatred.

Explore Teaching with Testimony.