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How We Can Celebrate Curiosity

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Curiosity is at the heart of everything we do at Discovery Education.

We believe that the most powerful learning experiences are those that spark curiosity and drive deeper engagement with the world around us. In fact, curiosity is simply and beautifully a strong desire to learn, so we’d like to highlight the many ways that Discovery Education supports this very natural drive.

Curiosity is a strong force. It doesn’t always follow along chapter or unit lines and it’s not always predictable. A platform with enough resources to satisfy unwavering curiosity requires a seemingly limitless amount of content and frequent additions. The treasury of more than 200,000 videos, Virtual Field Trips, text-based passages, interactives, audio, podcasts, and images in our platform right now aims to include a resource for every source of wonder. And, it’s always expanding.

Can you remember a time when a teacher described a topic or posed a question that created an itch to conduct your own investigations? This is what we’re all striving for: students who are interested and excited by the world of knowledge, who can use the tools and resources at their fingertips to satisfy their own curiosity, and who are deeply engaged with learning.

So, what’s the best way to celebrate curiosity? We think it’s to encourage it. Direct students to specific areas of DE if they have something they’re already curious about or support general curiosity by letting your students roam freely in the safety of our content universe. The content is high-quality, timely, and vetted.

The opportunities abound, but here are just a few samples of the kinds of things students might find based on their particular interests.

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I’m curious about the world from authentic perspectives . . .

The Global Oneness Project’s collection of documentary films portrays individuals and communities contending with major issues facing all of humanity. The films provide compelling windows into the changing world. From the last speakers of disappearing languages to a Syrian refugee living in Vancouver, the stories are personal and fascinating.

I’m curious about Native American poetry and power . . .

Use Channels to find videos and other resources related to specific topics. The Celebrating Native American Heritage Channel features an interview from the Library of Congress with the first Native American Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo. She speaks of the power and legacy of poetry. And, the More Videos Like This feature leads curious students to related stories. From the interview with Joy Harjo, students can link to a story about Amanda Gorman, the first ever National Youth Poet Laureate and youngest poet to speak at an inauguration.

I’m curious about robotics, manufacturing, machines, AI, and video games . . .

STEM is a huge umbrella for so many topics that pique student curiosity. Learn all about STEM careers—the people, the work, the innovation—with content created by DE’s STEM Careers Coalition. For topics from the very timely COVID-19 solutions being developed to the wildly innovative trips to Mars to the making of the Madden NFL video game, STEM Careers provides videos, student challenges, classroom activities, Virtual Field Trips, and more.

Think of Discovery Education as a rabbit hole . . . with a map. You and your students will find countless topics, activities, and tools to explore almost any curiosity. For the uncharted experience, there are tools like search, link, and top picks. For the more guided experience, use tools like lesson activities, channels, and educator guides.

Whatever your students wonder and whatever they find, be sure to celebrate the curiosity that inspired them! This month, and every month, celebrate that strong desire for learning by creating a culture of curiosity and growth.

About the Author
Jeanette Edelstein is an educator dedicated to making learning more engaging for students of all ages. She has been a classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and program developer. She was a founding teacher and the gifted and talented coordinator at Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts. Her curriculum projects include Hive Alive!, a collection of teaching resources about honey bees, Animal Planet Rescue, a disaster relief and educational vehicle that rescued over 1,000 animals, and CapsinSchool, an elementary curriculum based on the math and science of hockey.

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