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Massachusetts’ Springfield Public Schools Deepens Commitment to Creating a Culture of Equity and Proficiency Through Expanded Partnership with Discovery Education

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-Math and Science Digital Resources to Support the Creation of Real-World, Technology-Rich, Learning Environments –

 Silver Spring, MD (November 15, 2018)– Massachusetts’ Springfield Public Schools(SPS) has deepened its partnership with Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms.  In the latest phase of this six-year partnership, SPS’s high school teachers will support the goal of building a districtwide culture of equity and proficiency through the creation of real-world, technology-rich, learning environments powered by Discovery Education’s award-winning digital resources.

In 2017, SPS released The Springfield Promise 2.0: A Culture of Equity and Proficiency,  a strategic plan designed to help the 26,000-student school system build on recent academic gains. Springfield Promise seeks to accelerate the pace of the district’s remarkable improvements by focusing on four strategic priorities. SPS’s expanded partnership with Discovery Education specifically supports Springfield Promise’s Strategic Priority #2, which seeks to implement in every classroom an aligned, rigorous, curriculum built on standards and 21stCentury knowledge and skills.

“In the last six years, the Springfield Public Schools have made tremendous progress. Our graduation rate has gone from 55 percent in 2012 to almost 78 percent now, and we have cut our drop-out rate in half. Our students’ overall academic performance continues to improve, causing the state to release us from its previous Level 4 status and identify our district as “not requiring assistance or intervention” under a new accountability system,” said Superintendent Daniel J. Warwick. “As a district, we are fully committed to building upon those gains so we are very excited to deepen our partnership with Discovery Education. Their mission completely aligns with our vision for moving forward and we appreciate the fact that they bring an understanding of our history as we work towards our future.”

Since 2012, SPS teachers have used Discovery Education Streaming Plus to create dynamic learning environments that support the growth and development of all students.  A comprehensive digital service supplementing instruction across all K-12 curricular areas, Discovery Education Streaming Plus helps build all students’ mastery in interpreting, understanding, and evaluating information across every subject area.

In this new stage of SPS’s collaboration with Discovery Education, high school science and math teachers will soon begin integrating Discovery Education’s award-winning digital textbooks, or Techbooks, into classroom instruction.  Discovery Education’s Techbooks are aligned to rigorous standards, support a comprehensive curriculum, and are updated regularly at no cost. The series encourages all learners through interactive features that change the reading level of text and enable text to be read aloud. The Techbook series saves teachers’ time with a comprehensive design that places model lessons, student activities and assessments at their fingertips. Techbooks are platform neutral and can be used in one-to-one or one-to-many configurations and in any instructional environment.

SPS’s high school science teachers will soon begin using Discovery Education’s Science Techbook for classroom instruction.  The Science Techbookwas built on the 5E model and helps students learn to read, write, and think like scientists through hands-on labs, digital explorations, an interactive glossary, and data analysis activities. In addition, SPS high school math teachers will begin integrating Discovery Education’s Math Techbook into learning activities.A digital textbook that connects students to math through real-world problems, Math Techbook helps all learners develop long-lasting mastery of mathematical concepts.

To ensure district teachers are optimizing their new digital resources, Discovery Education’s expert professional learning team will support district science and math teachers during their transition to the Techbook. Through the robust professional learning opportunities offered by Discovery Education, SPS educators will to maximize their new digital content to improve student academic achievement.

SPS’s educators will also be supported by the Discovery Education Community as they transform students’ learning experiences with dynamic digital media. A global community of education professionals, the Discovery Education Community connects members across school systems and around the world through social media, virtual conferences, and in-person events, fostering valuable networking, idea sharing and inspiration.

“Discovery Education is excited to be a part of Springfield Public Schools’ efforts to improve equity through the creation of technology-rich learning environments that facilitate the delivery of aligned, rigorous curriculum to all students,” said Discovery Education Partnership Manager Sara Peters. “The district’s administrators and teachers are united in their belief that the implementation of Springfield Promise will helpwrite the next chapter in the City of Springfield’s history and Discovery Education is ready to support this forward-looking initiative.”

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