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May 2021 Partner Spotlight

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As educators get ready for summer, we’ve added many new learning resources to our digital library to help engage students and extend learning over the summer and beyond. Check out new resources in our May content article, and keep reading to browse a few of our amazing partners we’re shining a light on this month.


Our collaboration with Cheddar News delivers the latest technology and business news straight to educators and students while sparking curiosity and simplifying efforts to integrate current events into everyday instruction. Browse the full CheddarK-12 Channel to learn more and check out one of this month’s new episodes like CheddarK-12 Explains: Why the Human Eye is a Design Disaster.

Earth to Luna!

This fun, educational video series follows Luna, her brother Jupiter, and pet ferret Clyde on real-life and imaginary adventures to explore life, physical, and earth and space science concepts. Luna sparks children’s curiosity about science and encourages them to wonder and investigate how the world works. Visit the channel today and explore the 10 new programs available in both English and Spanish.

Encyclopedia Womannica

Encyclopedia Womannica, a podcast series from Wonder Media Network, offers bite-sized audio biographies of women you may or may not know, but whose impacts have changed the world. Gain inspiration and get to know incredible stories by listening to the contributions, successes, trials, and triumphs of phenomenal women from a variety of backgrounds, including activists, actors, teachers, poets, philosophers, comedians, and more.

Encourage students to start a summer “listening” club with the Encyclopedia Womannica Channel and its engaging themes, such as STEMinists, Beautiful Minds, Pioneers, and Feminists.

Make the most of May with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

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Teaching with Testimony: USC Shoah Foundation

The USC Shoah Foundation – Institute for Visual History and Education is dedicated to making audio-visual interviews with survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides a compelling voice for education and action. Inspire advocacy and empathy with the recent Identity, Belonging, and Legacy Virtual Field Trip. Hear firsthand stories of anti-hate advocates working to preserve the legacy of survivors of the Armenian Genocide and spark timely discussions with students about the need to speak out and actively counter hate in their communities.

Use the Virtual Field Trip Educator Guide for additional support sharing this powerful program with your students.

Soar with Wings

In partnership with Wings for Kids and The Allstate Foundation, Soar with Wings: Social Emotional Skills for School and Life provides standards-aligned digital resources that incorporate academics and fun while building key social-emotional skills for students in grades K–5. Soar with Wings also strengthens the skillset of teachers, parents, and caregivers so they can equip young learners with the resources and support they need to fly high!

Use the new Act It Out! learning module to help students in grades K-2 explore the concepts of self-awareness and self-management through an emphasis on role playing—ultimately creating a puppet show that stars themselves as the main character.

We hope you and your students enjoy these new learning resources and be sure to join us here next month for more partner highlights.