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New Student Resources to Support Virtual Learning

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Unleash student creativity with support designed especially for them!

We’ve recently added an abundance of exciting learning opportunities and ready-to-use resources in the Student Center of Experience to help keep students fully engaged and continue building their confidence with digital content and virtual learning.

How Do You DE?

This collection of ready-to-use resources supports students with maximizing their Discovery Education experience. Each Studio board provides in-depth information that allows students to use Discovery Education with confidence.

Topics include:

  • Exploring Your Interests
  • Researching and Finding Information
  • Organizing Evidence
  • Studying and Review
  • Communicating Ideas

Virtual Field Trip Activities for Students

Use Virtual Field Trip activity boards and allow students to visit amazing places and extend their understanding with supporting resources. Popular and timely Virtual Field Trips transport students to places they want to visit and provide learning activities to fully engage them. After the Virtual Field Trip, they can extend their learning with additional content and activities.

Topics include:

  • NFL Play 60
    Follow the National Football League, the American Heart Association, and Discovery Education as we go behind the scenes of Super Bowl LIV in Miami to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • NBA Storytellers
    Join Discovery Education and the Jr. NBA for an exclusive NBA Storytellers All-Star Virtual Field Trip and meet the people who are sharing professional basketball’s most compelling narratives—from its powerful history, to its exciting present and its inspiring future.
  • Tundra Connections: Experience Polar Bears
    Explore the tundra and polar bears with Polar Bears International! Learn about the Arctic ecosystem, polar bear adaptations, sea ice habitat, climate change, and more.
  • Discover Your Happy
    From LG and Discovery Education, Discover Your Happy equips you with the skills necessary to handle stress and create sustainable happiness in your life despite outside stressors and situations.
  • Generation Health
    Take a behind-the-scenes look at the pharmaceutical labs at AstraZeneca where scientists are continually working to create medical breakthroughs and find solutions to health problems that can affect us all.

Student Adventures

Students can explore popular topics through the use of rich digital media content and engaging Spotlight on Strategies activities. Each Studio board provides multiple learning opportunities and encourages students to think critically about each topic.

Topics include:

  • Weather
  • National Parks
  • Mars
  • Ancient Civilizations

Create with Studio

Students can design, build, and share content in new and creative ways with Studio.

Help students become more familiar with Studio, our safe collaboration tool within Experience, and show them how content and student-created video, text, images, and audio work together to stimulate creativity and demonstrate their understanding.


For more strategies and resources designed to save time and engage students, browse the Student Learning Activities channel in Experience or or request a demo today to get started!

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