November Partner Spotlight
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November 2021 Partner Spotlight

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Each month we showcase a few of the amazing partners that we work with to develop high-quality content to inspire students. Take a moment to help us celebrate these partnerships, check out some of their new resources, and learn more about the incredible things they do!

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Seeker focuses on investigating topics that empower the curious to understand the science shaping our world by highlighting stories about natural phenomena and groundbreaking innovations in STEM. This partnership delivers relatable, engaging, and entertaining videos that invite students to explore research related to science and technology.

Explore more in the new Seeker Channel.

Animal Planet

Since 1996, Animal Planet by Discovery, Inc. has kept the childhood joy and wonder of animals alive by bringing people up close in every way. We partner with Animal Planet to share this wonder through our Animals Channel, where students can investigate the vast world of the animal kingdom. Our newest editions to the Animal Planet collection include a trip to the Georgia Aquarium and the Bronx Zoo.

Explore more Animal Planet resources in the Animals Channel.

Edge at Hudson Yards

We’re partnering with Edge at Hudson Yards to take learning to new heights! Through hands-on, experiential learning, students see how big ideas and cutting-edge technology can improve lives and revolutionize communities.

Register your class for The Future is Now Virtual Field Trip that takes students 1,131 feet to Edge, the highest outdoor skydeck in the Western hemisphere, and behind-the-scenes at the amazing innovations of architecture and engineering.

Check out The Future is Now Virtual Field Trip.


A collaboration between Cheddar News and Discovery Education, CheddarK-12 explores and examines answers to the questions students may be curious about related to science, business, and technological innovations. Through CheddarK-12, DE educators can more easily integrate current events into their classroom instruction.

Check out the CheddarK-12 Channel.


The human heart beats 100,000 times a day. To show how this body engine works, two students will explore the fascinating structure and function of the heart with Abbott scientists and doctors, and will join U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones to learn how to keep your heart healthy! Register for this Your Heart Virtual Field Trip (grades 5-8) on November 9 at 1:00 PM ET.

Abbott’s Future Well Kids program helps teach kids ages 10-13 about chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disesase, and inspires them to take charge of their own health by making smart choices today, so they can live a fuller, healthier life tomorrow.

Learn more about Future Well Kids.

NextGen in Partnership with Verizon

Next Gen, in collaboration with Verizon, helps bridge the gap between connectivity and technology by providing schools and community organizations with free resources to educate, inspire, and equip students with skills to close the digital divide and prepare them for the future.

Learn more about Next Gen.

Keep students going strong this October with timely content, tools, and events. View more of our featured content in the This Month at DE Studio Board.

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