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Carroll County Public Schools, MD

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After years of traditional pedagogy, district leaders at Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) wanted to revitalize the district’s teaching practices with a fresh approach for math. They were looking for a way to spark students’ imaginations and deepen their understanding of math, while ushering educators into a new era of leadership through digital content.

Their school board also needed a way to analyze systemic math data and predict student success on its Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests.

Math Techbook provided the perfect toolkit for CCPS’s needs. Discovery Education’s services were already top of mind for the district’s leaders because of their experience with Science Techbook. Math Techbook combines dynamic, Common Core and state standards-aligned content with engaging activities that bring math alive for students — connecting it with their world.

Techbook’s Assessment Builder tool helps teachers prepare students for the PARCC test and supports the district’s technology initiative by demonstrating the need for more student devices. Teachers can create assessments based on a library of more than 8,000 questions similar to those found on PARCC tests. Collecting and analyzing the data from these assessments will become a gamechanger in ensuring student success on PARCC tests, said Mary Swack, the math supervisor at CCPS.

“Giving students the opportunity to practice robust, real-world problems through these valuable assessments and saving teachers time on grading them were big reasons why we wanted Techbook,” said Swack. The impact these assessments could have on the future resulted in the board authorizing more devices for next year, so more students can participate, she said.