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Mundelein Elementary School District, IL

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Giving students fresh, fun pathways for learning can lead to greater student success. And if any district knows the recipe for that success, it’s Mundelein Elementary School District.

Two years ago, math scores at the district’s middle school were in decline. Superintendent Dr. Andy Henrikson said they sought out Discovery Education’s Math Techbook to help get instruction back on track. Math Techbook is a digital math textbook that specializes in engaging students by giving them real-world problems worth solving.

After pairing Techbook with Professional Development for educators at Carl Sandburg Middle School, student engagement in math classrooms has been revitalized, the superintendent said.

“Math Techbook has turned our scores around,” said Dr. Henrikson. “I attribute that not only to the PD that Discovery Education has given us, but truly the product has been engaging, relevant and rigorous and the students are responding so well.”

Techbook is helping students build conceptual understanding. They are engaging with math problems in a more meaningful way, because the examples come from their own lives, said Dan Swarz, the district’s Director of Teaching and Learning.

“What sets Techbook apart from other curricula is its ability to engage kids in constructivist thinking,” said Swartz. “Getting kids to play with ideas and then look for patterns. Where the patterns emerge is where the teacher then can interject the math language or math concept.”

Douglas, a 7th grade student at Carl Sandburg Middle School, said Techbook is helping math become more fun, and that’s helping them become better learners.

“We can learn something as well as have fun,” he said. “And with Techbook, it’s really fun.”