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Nielsen — Discover Data: Problem-Solving for the Future

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Discover Data is a 21st Century education initiative powered by The Nielsen Foundation in collaboration with Discovery Education and the Afterschool Alliance that introduces students across the country to relatable, real-world applications of data and the professionals using that data to innovate the future.

The resources available through Discover Data were developed to increase awareness around the power of data and data sciences, empower students to pursue data science careers, and connect youth with career role models. Whether you are working with students on a daily basis in a classroom or after school setting, or you are a data professional looking to volunteer your time and expertise with students, the tools available on Discover Data will help you to inspire the next generation of innovators on their path to 21st Century success.

Discover Data is designed to engage middle school students with tools and resources to ignite their future through the understanding of data science and all of the possibilities it has to offer. Not only are students able to experience data science through these free online resources, they also have the opportunity to receive a lesson in data science from a real-world data expert, virtually or in-person.

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