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Santa Rosa County Public Schools, FL

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Santa Rosa County Schools is a medium size, rural/suburban school district in the panhandle of Florida with 35 schools, serving over 26,000 students. As one of the highest performing districts in the state, that has been historically one of the lowest funded, Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick has a bold vision for leveraging STEAM to transform the culture of teaching and learning.


With a rapidly growing Title I student population and the district’s vision to be a world-class school system that ensures equitable access to instructional excellence for every student, every day, Santa Rosa County Schools partnered with Discovery Education to bring the below goals to life:
  • Accelerating student engagement and achievement
  • Fueling economic development and community engagement
  • Transforming the culture of teaching and learning
  • Maximizing investment in technology and human capital
  • Driving personalized learning within a student-centered learning environment


To bring this inspiring vision to life, Santa Rosa County Schools partnered with Discovery Education to build and execute a 5-year strategic initiative branded STEAM INNOVATE. The measurable, observable outcomes of STEAM INNOVATE in Santa Rosa County Schools are:
  • 25 schools serving as the district’s STEAM models of innovation
  • 100+ STEAM Innovators receiving intensive professional development and job-embedded coaching
  • 100+ STEAM Innovators redelivering 21st-Century STEAM modules to their school-based peers
  • 25+ administrators receiving customized administrative leadership professional development
  • 4,000+ students using Techbook in Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Ongoing community and business engagement opportunities


In 2016, Santa Rosa County Schools celebrated the completion of Year 1 INNOVATE and are seeing powerful results in student engagement, teacher capacity, and early indicators of increased student achievement. In addition to these early indicators, Santa Rosa County Schools is partnering with The University of West Florida who to conduct a comprehensive research and evaluation project to measure the quantitative and qualitative results of STEAM INNOVATE.