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Create Lasting Social Impact for Future Generations

We believe that a high-quality education should expand a student’s world beyond the classroom, and that we have a responsibility to build the capacity of educators to do this as seamlessly as possible. Therefore, we create dynamic and innovative digital content and curriculum and deploy necessary professional development to foster engagement, achievement, and a love of learning in our students.

One critical way in which we create this environment is to partner with best-in-class organizations and leading companies to infuse our content and curriculum with the real-world stories of industry and exciting subject matter experts. We can then execute against corporate priorities in impacting communities as well as make direct connections for students to the world they will grow into as professionals.

Explore below to engage in this strategy and hear from our partners and thought leaders directly.

Driving Impact in Education

DE recently convened thought leaders from the business and education communities in a broad-ranging discussion around ways public-private partnerships can effectively support student learning and outcomes. Please read the three key takeaways from this important conversation that supports change in our nation’s classrooms.