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Get students where they need to be, faster

DreamBox offsets declining test scores and gets students back on track.

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Rapid results for all students, in all ZIP codes, across all tiers

Address math and reading declines starting today

Students across the nation have demonstrated declining math and reading scores for the first time in decades, especially among underserved student populations. But students using DreamBox programs have shown growth. 

"DreamBox has had a substantial impact on our district. […] When our students and teachers are engaging with DreamBox at the recommended levels, they blow it out of the water in their state assessments."
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Mark Estrada
Superintendent, Lockhart ISD, TX
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Remarkable growth, fast results

DreamBox Math

Students in grades 1–8 who used DreamBox Math for one hour per week demonstrated over 9.5 percentile point gains over students who did not use the program . This growth was across all achievement levels, all grades, and all demographics.

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Rapid results for all students, in all ZIP codes, across all tiers

Address math and reading declines starting today

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Discover our interactive success map:
DreamBox Math and Reading programs drive learning for students like yours.

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Make a positive impact on more students

Extend educator capacity

DreamBox programs meet each student’s needs with personalized and adaptive instruction. The programs inspire self-directed learning, so students can explore math and reading in a way that makes sense to them.

Discover how you can foster a culture of self-directed learning in our white paper.

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Intervention Guide: What 5 steps should you consider when you select intervention programs?

30 students, 30 unique sets of needs, one proven program

A real-time tutor in seconds

DreamBox’s adaptive technology enables teachers to address the individual needs of students in the moment, no matter how far behind or ahead they may be. With DreamBox, teachers can see results in real time, and know the immediate impact in seconds. 

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Get in touch

Chat with a DreamBox expert!

Schedule time with a DreamBox team member to explore how DreamBox math and reading programs can accelerate learning for your students. The discussion will include: 

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An inside look at the student and educator experience within DreamBox programs

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Key ways DreamBox supports academic achievement goals

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An overview of how DreamBox ensures easy implementation with the most comprehensive PD packages and support

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