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Demystifying Student Engagement

How do we as leaders support our teachers in creating routine learning opportunities that promote authentic student engagement?

By this point, we’ve all seen the research on the positive outcomes student engagement can bring, and we all want our teachers and students to develop these habits. However, putting this theory into action can be a daunting task for any school administrator faced with the complexities and demands of college and career readiness standards.

We must first dig deep into our existing definitions and perceptions of student engagement. Traditionally, we deemed students “engaged” when they were on task, participatory, and well behaved. While we’d love to see this occur in all of our classrooms, we must set our expectations for student engagement much higher.

It’s our responsibility to help teachers move beyond superficial engagement and support them in creating cognitively engaging environments for all students.”

Jaime LaForgia
Director of Professional Development Content
Discovery Education

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  • four elements to successful student engagement
  • how implementing challenging tasks can foster student engagement
  • to shift the learning cycle from “teach, test, reteach” to “learn, attempt, retry”

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