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Countdown to Mars: Perseverance

Landing Broadcast: Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

Join Us for the #CountdownToMars

Perseverance, NASA’s most advanced rover, is continuing NASA’s investigation of the Red Planet and your students are invited to join the mission!

After its exciting launch on July 30, 2020, Perseverance touched down on Mars February 18, 2021. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we’re teaming up with NASA to bring you a special livestream event! Take this opportunity to engage students across the STEM fields with insights into the Mars mission, live footage of the landing, and ready-to-use activities and resources from our Explore Space with NASA channel.

Landing Broadcast: Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

Join us for this special event! Students will meet the members of the Perseverance mission control team and the students who named the rover, get an inside look at the mission overview, and celebrate the live landing with NASA and others around the world.

Resources for Educators and Students

Discovery Education Resources

We’ve curated a variety of resources and content to help engage your students, including:

For our Canada partners, please click here to access these resources.

NASA Resources

Connect Students to #CountdownToMars with NASA’s Mars 2020 STEM Toolkit! You’ll have access to prelaunch and launch activities, student engagement tools, and resources for students to learn all about the Perseverance mission to Mars and the Red Planet.

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